From cancer to body odor, the future uses of the microbiome


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I love that we are discovering how even ginormous beings are really just made of many, many little communities of teeny beings. I love the microbiome. It’s a metaphor for the planet, Earth. Where’s the gut again?


We’re in it.




Explains why it stinks.


That’s okay; there’s some serious shit-making going on here, man.


“That’s some good shit.”


Word .


(scary ghost says) Boo…


Does that make us the tapeworms?


A friend of mine’s doctor always smells her when she goes in for a visit. Apparently that was much more prevalent before we developed all sorts of fancy diagnostic tools, but it’s still very informative to a skilled sniffer.

Plus those cancer sniffing dogs and death sensing cats I’ve read about…


There’s quite a lot of research going in analysis of trace molecules in exhaled air. You can get a lot of intel about what is going wrong from ammonia, acetone, terpenoids, various carboxylic acids and hydrocarbons…

Ion mobility spectrometry, possibly with a pre-sorting chromatographic column, could be a pretty interesting cheap-enough-to-mass-deploy method…


But not as cute as a cat… :slight_smile:


But easier to train, easier to reproduce reliably, and more quantitative.


…and you can keep it locked in a cupboard for couple years, then take it out, recharge, recalibrate, and it works again. Try this with a cat. :stuck_out_tongue:

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