Fun web app for doodling inspired by its creator's elementary school doodling "rules"

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That’s a neat tool!


Cool GIF


I can’t get it to work :frowning: part of it is covered by the firk-ding-blast ads!

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I used to play a game with friends and where we would pick a line length and mark it at the top of the page. then we’d take turns adding that length of line to a drawing and see where it went. The additonal (honor-system) rule was you always had to have something in mind you were drawing, even of it changed turn-to-turn. drawing games are fun.


You can go to the main site where the app is hosted – it’s here! Right-Angle Doodling Machine - OpenProcessing

Works better there than when it’s embedded on another site, since yeah, ads and scrolling behavior mucks it up …


Ads, scrolling behavior, and that you can in fact go back on a line all break it. Also, no ‘auto’ button to ‘fix’ which would be ‘okay!’

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Yeah, the going back is disappointing.

The regular spacing/resolution of the lines is an interesting stylistic choice (in theory the lines could be infinitesimally apart, in this one there is a set distance so it’s more like following the grid on invisible graph paper) that makes probably more visually pleasing doodles than something done free-hand.


there was a game we used to play at a restaurant that had paper table covers and they provided crayons, where one person would start a drawing using one “line” (didn’t need to be straight but you couldn’t lift the crayon up) and the other person needed to turn it into something.


That’s super fun, I used to that when my kids were in their “abstract” phase and loose, fun lines were their forte


I’ve been drawing to similar rules since I was a child. I also do a similar doodle but with loops rather than straight lines rotating through 90º, which I think came from practising my cursive letter “s”.

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isn’t this just Etch-a-Sketch?

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  1. To start the line, you put your pen down.

Umm - that’s a bit counter-intuitive. I wanted to start a line but having put my pen down, it just sat there doing nothing. :wink:

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