Funnel "cloud" of bugs


I have seen swarms like this above certain trees along the 134 freeway in the Valley (LA.) I assumed they were gnats since gnats do like to stay in swarms. Not quite this tight, but definitely tornado-ish. It appeared to have something to do with updrafts from the trees.

Yes, it might be a combination of lots of bugs and a pre-existing dust devil type cyclone air current that was already there. I highly doubt the bugs just formed this formation by some instinct.

Pretty sure this image just takes advance of forced perspective. What we’re actually looking at is a long cloud of insects flying more horizontally (probably with a slope) directly above the head and in front of the photographer. By focusing on the horizon she’s forced the false perspective of the apparent “tornado” cloud. You can tell that’s not what’s really happening by the scale of the insects themselves. They’re largest at the top of the screen, which would be appearing from right over her head. They get smaller toward the bottom of the pic, which is actually farther away.

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Looks more like starlings.


Bugs come in tornado form now?!

You sure SyFy isn’t filming a Bugnado movie?

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