Funny internal Apple video from 1994: "I Think We're A Clone Now"

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I hope they paid Weird Al.


At least he could sing it


Thanks for a reminder of those days. I had forgotten about them, and about my disappointment when the widespread adoption of the Mac OS never happened. Also, as official older-than-dirt person here, I should remind you young whippersnappers that long before Tiffany’s cover of “I Think We’re Alone Now” in the 80’s there was Tommy James and the Shondells.


Oh man, so much great stuff here. I love the kid in the NeXT shirt, and how the “big money” the clone dealer is making is a 10 and a few 1s. Also funny to remember the RISC vs CISC debate now that Apple has been on Intel chips for more than a decade.

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Do you think she wrote all the songs on her Christmas album, too?


Indeed, he had them beat by six years.

EDIT: Obscure Weird Al trivia that I just now discovered - Tommy James not only wrote “I Think We’re Alone Now” but also “Mony Mony.” Both songs were parodied on the album Even Worse, both in the style of other artists besides James (Tiffany and Billy Idol respectively).


Honestly it was less awful than I expected.

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Yeah, how Apple lost the platform wars because only Apple could make Apples… That was the last ditch effort to undo that mistake as everyone was bailing out of Apple in the great brain drain of 95 before being ostensibly handed back to Jobs. Interesting to see they were still living in an echo chamber back then, too, telling one another stories to convince themselves they had not lost and that their tech was superior to x86.

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And did any of you use those PowerMac era machines? They were terrible.

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