Game of Thrones deaths as an interactive chart


By the Seven, you guys. The spoiler tag is right there for this sort of thing.

See? Easy.

Edit. Just wanted to say I’m liking the chromatic progression in the avatars, rainbow guard style. Is the next comment bringing the blue? Probably not.

Wow, the show is even more zealous about killing characters than the books. I hope I’m not spoiling ASoIaF for myself by watching. I also really, really hope it’s the HBO version that’s taking notes from George R.R. Martin and not the over way around.

I’ve noticed that I forgot a TV death that didn’t happen in the books. Interesting.

Which one? I think it’s interesting that there are characters alive in the books that are dead in the show and vice versa.

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Jojen Reed. He is kind of on borrowed time in the books, but I thought his fate might be more significant. There are hints that his father and Greywater Watch will be important later and I assumed that he would figure into that.

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