Game of Thrones podcast Boars, Gore, and Swords returns to Boing Boing

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Awesome! So glad you guys are keeping this going. Now with your new sponsorship, Ivan can move out of his freakin’ mom’s house! :wink:

I’m really struggling with the show at this point. I hit a similar wall with BSG, where things were just so relentlessly grim that it became difficult to watch.

What exactly does it mean that they’ve “returned?” They’ve been plugging away in the meantime. (OK, with a bit of a hiatus while Ivan found somewhere to live, but that was after they “left”.)

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6/28/15 - 2/14/16 was by far their longest gap. Since then they have made three episodes about the Telltale video game and six about unrelated franchises. The current episode is the first one about Game of Thrones/ASOIAF proper since the end of season five.

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