Game of Thrones: The Board Game - diplomacy, intrigue, and betrayal in Westeros

Do you mean Risk: Legacy? That’s the one where each faction can sort of level up and found cities by adding stickers to player cards and the game board. The one where new rules, cities, and nukes persist over the theoretical 14 game life of the product?

My group played that version, with less than stellar results. I’m just thankful nothing sharp or heavy was in reach of the table, because there would have assaults. Being functionally dead through a game of Risk is disappointing. Knowing that losing one game of Risk sets you up to lose the next 5 games is infuriating.

I don’t know, I thought it was Risk then later saw that Risk was about horses and stuff so didn’t think that game would have nukes. The board was just a map of the world, you had to pick a starting country (some countries had bonuses/handicaps), we had four players and you could elect to team up with other players (or betray) throughout the game. It was all about advancing and taking territory, I don’t think I can really remember much else about it.

To be fair to my once ally, he couldn’t have known that I would declare vendetta. I count it as a valuable life lesson for him, assuming he even remembers.

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