Game of Thrones 'Risk' board from a $20 used wood table

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Looks very nice, though it’s so large it might be difficult to actually play.

Why use it for Risk when you can use it for A Game of Thrones?

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I guess this would work well - if it could be bolted to the floor. I’ve been involved in tournaments where the real risk came from flying game pieces. :grimacing:


The surhead says “FIY” and I don’t know what that means.

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I remember seeing a Civilization board being made from a glass tabletop. The Terrain was carved out of the bottom and the borders between the areas were cut out of the top. It was VERY impressive.

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With that in the game, I’d have to side with House Targaryen. The board is made of wood, so I couldn’t risk hearing my opponent say, “Dracarys!” :fire: :scream:

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