Would you pay $30,000 for one of these ugly-ass Game of Thrones guitars?

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Yeah, I was thinking that same thing. My telecaster is good enough for me.




These guitars probably sound great for the first 2/3rds of any song but then quickly get out of tune and the player gets booed off stage just before the highly-anticipated final solo.


For a second I thought Boing Boing’s Shop was trying a different tactic.


The Targaryen Strat doesn’t look bad at all. And they all remind me of the Dean Zelinsky style of body carving.

Really it depends on how they wound more than how they look. Knobs how Fender builds guitars they probably do sound great. But if never pay that much for any guitar. As chappers and the captain have so eloquently laid out plain and simple: law of diminishing returns applies to the guitar industry like nothing else. More expensive is NOT equal to better.

I’d rather have the baseline Mexican made Strat for $1200 or a Clapton signature for $1900. Or an epiphone built les Paul for $1000. If I felt particularly frisky I’d nab a semi hollow American made PRS for about $4000.

Stuff like this and the Custom Shop made things…meh.


“A girl has no taste.”

Not a guitarist, but if you were going to spend that kind of money, wouldn’t you want either (a) something with an unbeatable sound, or (b) something distinctive that fit with your band’s aesthetic or stage shtick? I remember once seeing Tom Robinson play a guitar shaped like an assault rifle for his song “Murder (at the End of the Day)”, which was at least appropriate. Unless you’re playing in a “Game of Thrones” novelty tribute band called something like “Ned Stark and the Headless” or “Fire and Blood”, it doesn’t seem like costly toys referencing someone else’s creative project would do much for you.

I assume they’re intended as ‘collectible investments’, but I wouldn’t bet on them increasing in value.



these guitars are made for rich as hell collectors like this douche…


“another electric that’s strictly for sentimental decor”



Damn. You beat me (and thousands of others) to it!

No, thank you.
Although I did start practicing again on my shitty Ibanez recently, thanks to a Youtube comment, of all things. It pointed out that in the German art band Trio, Paul’s guitar had only *one * pickup. You can see that the other two slots are empty (and he’s blindfolded)… but the sounds are incredible. Always good to remember that overpriced gear is NOT music.

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Have you ever played the Fender Custom Shop “Joe Strummer Tele”?

They reproduced Joe’s Telecaster right down to the bad action and rusty bridge hardware.

And you pay extra for that.

Is anyone actually going to play a Game of Thrones guitar on stage with their band? I suppose it’s possible, but don’t see it.

Geek bands are a thing…



Parker Fly Deluxe for me. 3-4k, a thing of odd beauty and sounds and plays amazing. Super versatile.

Big nope.

One of the advantages of playing less common instruments (I play concertina and saz) is that top-end ones are far, far more affordable. You can get a professional-quality saz for a few hundred bucks, or spend a thousand or two for a master-quality one. For less than $2K you can get a pro-quality concertina, and less than $10K for a masterpiece.

Guitar prices reach insane levels.

I know a guy in a cover band who has this kind of money. He is a VP of enterprise software sales.



At first I was shocked Weiss was playing along with these guys.

Then I was MORE shocked he didn’t screw it up at the very end.

Morello: Dude, you’re rushing!





For an all around/all purpose guitar, nothing beats the standard Fender Strat. I am fond of this pewter Clapton one…

Money no object this would be my dream one…

For the money and sound…I love mine: