Fender custom shop re-uses Hollywood Bowl bench boards to make $12k guitars


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Gotta get that boomer money before they die/the next recession.


Just imagine how many asses have rubbed up against that wood. Now imagine your hands playing that guitar. Now imagine having a burrito with unwashed hands. $12k. Worth every penny.


This is not a guitar whose primary purpose is making music…

$12K? There better be a picture of Jerry Garcia ass-polishing that specific seat.


So Fender is still making guitars that costs thousands that sound marginally better than 600 dollar ones? No wonder it’s one of the reasons why both them and Gibson are having serious financial issues.


Browsing scientific papers for something on “propagation of flatulences in Alaskan yellow cedar”…


Both companies have also been through several kinds of bad management over the years. At the same time, the quality of Asian guitars has also improved so much over the past few decades that MADE IN USA isn’t the selling point it used to be.


Sounds like the history of American manufacturing.


They only have to sell one and the whole run will make a profit I’d bet. That stock neck doesn’t look like anything special. And not one, but TWO knobs - whoa i thought we were trying to make money not give it away! How about some $100 picks made from the melted down plastic cups in the trash at the venue, holding drinks that were swallowed by people whom drank at and enjoyed legendary concerts.


Yeah. . . anything from the Fender Custom Shop is pricey. I get their junk emails all the time and finally just started ignoring them.

The thing is, you can build a good tele clone from parts that will be just as cool as this thing, does it have to be from the Hollywood Bowl, or does any 100-year old wood count? Because there are plenty of people selling nice guitars on ebay and Reverb made from old barn wood. Just google image-search “barncaster.”


I’ve been to the HB at least a couple of dozen times. It’s amazing to think that my butt could have graced a number of these guitars. If I’d know that would happen, I would have worn something nicer… or even have bathed.


Is cedar even a good wood for guitar?


“Now, remember, son, the Blues ain’t nothin’ but a good man gettin’ splinters in his ass.”



I guess this is homeopathy for guitars. “This wood was around a bunch of music. I’m sure it’ll sound great!”

That, or homeopathy for asses, I’m not sure which.


Where is that cartoon of a guy sniffing a bicycle seat after a crash? Pretty sure I have a guitar that would interest him.


Jesus, for $12K I could get a Mellotron, a Hammond B3 and a Minimoog.

This guitar is clearly geared toward the douchebag market.


My guitar gently weeps because my hand is full of splinters.


The argument about what wood is ideal for a guitar is tedious, and with electric guitars kind of pointless when you consider that a lot of the tone is coming from the pickups and amp (and effects in the signal chain). Basically it’s all a matter of taste: a heavier wood gives more sustain, but what if you don’t really want sustain (and if you do want sustain then why not just use granite or plexiglass instead of wood?) These Hollywood Bowl guitars are gimmicky, but no more gimmicky than a Gibson Flying V; it’s more about the look than the sound.

So who’s gong to buy these guitars? Collectors mostly.


It sounds like ass…