Fender guitar factory video tour includes new axes made from Hollywood Bowl's old wood seats

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/08/21/fender-guitar-factory-video-to.html


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That was the announcement. This is a video of the actual process. Same key image tho.


Neat i will have to check out the video when i’m free

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I understand that butt-rubbed pine makes the very best over priced guitars.


That’s why the next time I build a Telecaster-style guitar I’ll use planks of reclaimed pine from a picnic table from my brother’s back yard. I’ll save $11, 300, give or take. These do look cool, though.

Ah cool. Well, except for the price tag. That’s just wacky.

Back where I come from we’d call that an ugly piece of shit.

I’d love to do that factory tour

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