These guitars are made from former Detroit landmarks

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Fantastic. I was traveling through Birmingham, Alabama once, and ended up at a sprawling bar in a sort of building complex that was chock-full of architectural oddities rescued from demolished Birmingham buildings. Fascinating; I wanted to wander around that place forever.

This leaves me with the same mixed feelings I have whenever I see reclaimed pieces from Cleveland. There’s a pride, but also a sick feeling of watching a city you love being torn apart for scrap.

As a finish carpenter, I see magnificent pieces of mouldings and other millwork get thrown away all the time (usually replaced with shitty MDF, but that’s another story). Some of it is 150 years old, and the tree it came from must have been a couple of hundred years older than that. You can feel the history when you touch it (and the lead, but that’s another story :slight_smile:️). This is pretty cool; a way to remember and honor the places the instrument came from.

Really, $2400 is not a lot to ask for a nice, handmade guitar.

Not that I can afford to pay that but that number doesn’t shock me when factory-made Gibsons can fetch a hell of a lot more.

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