Recycling used skateboards into a new guitar

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Recycling used skateboards into a new guitar

Then shredding is almost guaranteed.


This (like the guitar from pencils) is super cool. But the sound is most assuredly not great. The wood and quality thereof matters immensely.

Wood affecting the quality of sound/play in solid-body electrics is right up there with audiophile stuff in terms of diminishing marginal utility.


The pencils really bug me, but at least the grain in the skateboard runs the length of the body.

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Has anyone listened to music played on this guitar to do a comparison?

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any chance for a skateboard made from used guitars?


I didn’t find anything. But I would not be hopeful. The wood type for the body is really important here. And old skate boards are likely not going to be good. But I absolutely could be wrong.

And to be fair. Great pickups. A really good neck. Great strings. All in the hands of a great guitarist and it will sound good no matter what.

My point was merely that this is cool but not a substitute for a top end Les Paul, hollow body Gretsch, or fender custom shop Strat.

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I’d like to see an accordion made from skateboards.


There’s always a chance. In the meantime, didn’t one of the ‘Impossible’ cartoon characters at least once fly in on his guitar-surfboard?


im gonna be the jerk here that says although technically impressive, that thing is kinda ugly. ha

Maybe you’re thinking of this:

Not before… I guess I am now.

(PS: A YT visit reminded me that one of the three Impossibles (1966) superheroes was ‘Multi-man (see 0:37 below)’. He had the power to replicate himself. I’m not sure if that power actually predates any comic book or current heroes or villains, but, there you have it.)

As opposed to ?..

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whoah, celeb in residence. hello, sir :slight_smile:

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