Games show how the presence of competent women generates hostile behavior in incompetent men


speedrunning seems to me to be pretty collaborative so it’d make sense to me that the people in that scene would be inherently nicer


I don’t know, I’m pretty incompetent and I like having competent women around.

Actually anyone competent, mainly so they can fix my screw-ups.


I have to say that you don’t need to go to gaming to find examples. It happens in business. All the time.
Women engineers and scientists are particularly good at evoking passive-aggressive behaviour from their less able male colleagues merely by existing. At this point a lot depends on the competence of the HR department as to what happens next. I’ve seen successes and failures. But usually failures.


Hi it’s your boss, thanks for admitting what you’re up to - see me in my office in 15 minutes.


Just an fyi. this reads as snark/sarcasm or as being a total dick. If its the former and not the later, might I suggest giving a sign that it is.


My online gaming is mostly coop which is a different animal. But, plenty of foreign accents, and nobody cares for the most part how they speak. I can recall a few recurring themes though, related to speech:

  1. People complain about people “Speaking Spanish”. Or in general, not speaking English. (One time, the “spanish” was Swedish, oy ve). This is mostly the young players complaining, like 12-13ish. (AKA, “squeekers” which are the most maligned players in my game of choice)
  2. Actually, “squeekers”, pre or pubescent boys. They have a bad rep, and people will sometimes drop from a raid group when one or more joins.
  3. People saying, “nigga” and then getting into fights about using the word.


Sorry, just playin’. Mild heart attack, eh?


I have to issue a mild protest at the Arnold Rimmer mention. The man is a seething mass of flaws, but misogyny isn’t particularly one of them.


Not at all. Just a friendly nudge that text in a forum can easily be misconstrued and it is best to state your intent with some kind of nod.


I dislike playing with them, not so much because of the voice but because they tend to be rude and will often try to troll. When i was the admin of some TF2 servers i’d regularly would have to outright silence these young players (both text and voice chat), temp ban or perm ban.

We did have a few young players that were very friendly, personable, and were great at the game but it was not common to see. My preference is to not play with them or just mute them outright, but it’s generally its a bad experience playing with kids on the team. I’m not going to be an asshole to them of course but i don’t want to deal with an obnoxious kid yelling in my ear.


Yeah, #notallsqueekers, but generally raids are complex affairs, and require some maturity and skill and brainpower. Young boys tend to be inconsistent, talky, rude, and like to screw around a lot instead of focusing on what they are supposed to be doing. That said, I’ve had young kids cop to being as young as 8 or 9 who were wonderful to raid with. Also that said, I’ve had raids that took 5 hours or more to get done with a bunch of kids in the party, but when I did the same with a group of 30-somethings, we knocked it out in about 40 minutes, everything on the first try.


My best friend’s oldest son has been playing online multiplayer PC games like Overwatch and TF2 since he was in his early teens. His dad made sure that he knew he was not allowed to talk to people on mic. 1- Because its not appropriate for a bunch of strange older people to be knowingly talking to a young kid (you never know). 2- Because his age might trigger some players.

Think these days he’s been on voice chat but he’s old enough by now. I’ve seen him stream his gameplay sessions as well. But yeah i’ve been in various games where i put up with inexperienced young players and stuck it through to the end, it kind of sucks but at the end of the day i like to be helpful when possible.


I’ve watched my SO run a rescue in Elite Dangerous with the Fuel Rats, who more or less are the Coast Guard of the game, where the person who was running out of life support was playing from Turkey with no English. DH had to cut and paste his chat in Turkish to Google Translate, then repaste his reply back into GT so he could respond appropriately.

We will run pickup games where more experienced players will help walk a n00b through a problematic scenario, but usually we want the new person to be vouched for by someone we already know and trust. Many of us already mute zone chat because there is too much trash talk; if we want to hear from you, we will probably have you on TeamSpeak or Vent.


Lol that’s some work around but thank goodness for translating services.

And yeah as a rule i ignore people’s chat’s and friend requests from people i don’t know will 99% be turned down unless they’re friend of a friend, even then i keep an eye on them to make sure i won’t regret my decision.


My friends and I used to play mainly against humans, back in the day, but now it’s almost exclusively with/against bots. The assholes got to be too much. The one game I’ve played recently with/against humans (Blackwake) has a lot of racists, so I seldom play it.

The City Builders I’ve played seem to attract a fair share of women, and they are usually polite and helpful, as are the men who play them.

Edit: I play World of Warships regularly vs humans, but it’s hard to tell who is what gender in that game.


Just saying: they may not mind sharing, but whether they do or not has nothing to do with the OA status of the paper.


PLOS requires release of data. It is either in a supplement to the paper or on something like OpenScienceFramework.


Ads would be Jason.


Although I admire your desire for researching more variables you are failing to account for all the anecdotal evidence from years over years of the same scenario with almost no variation: player is accepted, valued by peers, gets items. The second mic shows a female voice the game changes. Players start killing the player nonstop, loot them, ask in COMM “tits or GTFO”, saying that they will rape them, checking their profile for pictures and start PMing asking for nudes.
This level of harassment is meant to make the player quit.

I am from before games were skewed towards boys (good old 80s) and as early as 1994 I already avoided using gametags with female nicknames. I avoid multiplayer like the plague unless I’m sure I can play at that server without being annoyed to death by a teen with Tourette’s.

Yes, you will find some level of racism with strong accents but younger males are the same demographic as the harassers. Their voices are pretty much the default. I have a hint that the data on such a graphic would show a very high bar for female voices in general, followed by a proportionately small bar on male voices with foreign accents and an almost flat bar on young male voices. Of course the plural of anecdote isn’t data. If you do the research please link me to your findings, I would love to see the results.


I love this. I’m pretty sure that my son (19 years old now) improved his English by chatting away with people from around the globe. He still has a strong carioca accent (from Rio de Janeiro) but the other players are more curious than offensive.