Young man invokes need for Trump in America after in-game defeat

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I finally understand the thought process.


Woah. So its just this in action then?


Well, I’m sold.


I knew there had to be some good reason!



Best RNC convention speech ever.


I thought this might just be too gross to post, but what this guy is feeling really is the first principle behind all the crap that’s been going on in “gaming” and around it for years now. It’s constantly like this. This is the normal–it’s just funny this time because of the comical lurch into Trumpaganda. Unspecific rage at everything, deprived of friendship, fraternity and connection to other boys except through these mediated competitive environments, entitlement to a medium that was sold to them as their spiritual home but is just a consumer product. And no future. These guys’ lives are fucked and they know it.


This is pretty much just run of the mill behavior from my experience with online console gaming.

Which is why I haven’t owned a console system in years.


Apparently during WW2 in Russia, German soldiers would freak out completely when they were forced to surrender to tank forces and discovered that many Russian tankists were women. They had to persuade themselves that these weren’t proper women, they were “Untermenschen”, like wild animals.

Interestingly, their attitudes of arrogance continued even on the way to captivity, telling their guards that “You’ll really be for it when Hitler comes”.
The cognitive dissonance of the over-entitled white male leads to bizarre behaviour.


I haven’t played PC or console games in a really long time, but I have a friend that does. When I was hearing things about this kind of behavior, I asked if it was just blown out of proportion. He said it wasn’t and that unless necessary, he just turns off the other players so he doesn’t have to hear that stuff.


This could be the thesis for an important essay/paper/article.


This, added to my complete and utter lack of skilzorz, is why I don’t play multiplayer games.

Topically, please emphasize the “Normal” of “Normal Person”. This wailing human is “normal”. He plays sports games and gets vocally and abusively upset when he loses. And this is normal.


Pretty much this. I used to play a lot of stuff online but most of the time had to turn the voice chat off, because of the constant homophobic and rasist abuse someone was spewing. It is very much the norm of behaviour there, especially in the really competitive games like PvP shooters. Getting called a “faggot”, “fag”, “nigger” or something similar was more frequent than getting a “hello”. It is also very rare that someone gets kicked out of a server for this. And it was also mostly English speaking kids - the non-English speaking folks usually remained civil, except for an occasional expletive (“fuck” seems to be international nowadays …)

Usually you could estimate the age of the person pretty well from it too - the more vile BS you got when you have killed them the more likely it was they were barely a teen and yelling their lungs out in that squeaky 12 year’s old voice at you.


A very well reasoned argument from a well spoken young man.

Trump 2016: Suck a fucking dick.


I worked in nightclubs in the 90s, I took your cash money at the door, $8 a head and a capacity of 3000+ (we’d go to 5k before shutting the doors), so I always had two or three doorman beside me guarding the cash, one of them was huge, 6’4" and an amateaur body builder, so just a giant mountain of muscle of a man. Without fail, every guy that was thrown out for fighting or being drunk or whatever would try to pick a fight with him on the way out. “Wanna go Hercules?” - I never understood this. If the man is so big you’re calling him Hercules why would you want to fight him? Makes no sense!!

Also: I love her!!


Can someone explain to me why this is allowed to continue?
What I mean is that if this behavior is continual by a certain person and it’s documented, etc… Why are they not kicked the hell off?
I don’t care if they’re 12 or 100. They should disable their console from connecting. They have the MAC address of the device. Frigging block it.


Or at least a timeout, right? I suspect in November we will be hearing “suck a fucking dick” a lot. Putting in an order now for about 60 million timeout chairs.


On a related matter - the 8 bit Trump image above the article has an inaccurately proportioned hand. Here’s a correct version.


If victory is beyond your grasp, at least you can have honor in defeat. Though you may be weak or powerless, your denial of this reality keeps you from being exposed as truly pathetic.

Good story, by the way. Great parallels to trump, brexit, and toxic masculinity in general.