25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male


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It’s a good post, and a good list. I like/hate #25, because it’s true. Following the comments on the article, there is a lot of talk about default gender in gaming. It’s true that ‘SWM’ is default in the majority of games, but even if the gender choice in a game is left as a blank to be filled in by typing, then to be interpreted by the game engine, there will always be a ‘default’ gender choice. Even within the programming, a programmer has to choose the order in which the interpreter looks at the choice made by the player - creating an invisible default.

It’s gender turtles all the way down.

Important video! And cool to see it coming to men, from men – interesting twist, that. But, it’s a little…surface. I might’ve enjoyed a more in-depth take on fewer items rather than a list-blast that doesn’t make me stop and think.

Like #1. Totally TRUE! As a dude gamer, I’ve got the luxury of ignoring or being ignorant of the problems of being a woman gamer. It is a thing my gender allows. But it is also a thing that being a decent human being disallows. It’s a benefit of being an ignorant male gamer, not just a male gamer, period.

It’s also a weakness – it makes it harder to be a decent human being because it takes an effort to see what others see simply as a feature of their lives. Being ignorant of others’ experience is something that a lot of male gamers would probably not like to be, but find that the “default state” inures them.

I dunno, I think a more in-depth look at these benefits would be more constructive than a listicle. But I suppose we need to start somewhere, and this is a nice and necessary place to start. I also might be looking too closely at it, though.

I do wonder how many rape threats are going to happen to the dudes who did this video now…well, I guess I don’t really wonder.

…I’m reminded of how FemShep in Mass Effect walks and sits, and how that says much different things about her as a her than it does about her as a him.

This is great, nicely echoing the list in Peggy McIntosh’s foundational article on white privilege. In fact, it makes me wonder if Jonathan McIntosh is like, her son, maybe?


Anyone been ‘enjoying’ Zoe Quinn’s twitter feed today?

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Just for me personally…#21 is bogus. Not that female gamers don’t get asked about inappropriate questions about the size of various body parts, but in that ONLY female gamers get this. As a male gamer, I have been asked by female gamers that question, and I have also felt consistent joking and ridicule from male gamers about this. Its a common theme among males to tease about the size of one’s manhood, and while the narrative differs, the act is the same. You find yourself having to brush aside or face head on what is at its core an inappropriate and non-relevant question in regards to playing a game.

I am not blind to many of these as being true issues for a female gamer; however, some of these items simply should not matter. They should be non issues, but are issues…its got nothing to do with gaming, being a female gamer, or game development by males. They are issues because someone or some group cannot get their collective heads out of their collective asses.

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This is great. I hope it reaches at least some of those who need to take a look inside.

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It is possible to make this less of an issue - Bioware is pretty good at it - by making the gender options appear on the screen in a random order for each character creation process. There are other methods that could do the same.

Of course, then you’ve got the issue of the “default” character for marketing purposes. Bioware wasn’t as good at that. >.<


what is with the mustache at the 2 min mark? it looks kind of fake.

what is with the comment at mooglegiant? it looks kind of irrelevant.


As a guy and a gamer I knew this was an issue but HOLY CRAP, all the crap females deal with in games is ridiculous. I only worry about what people think when I get pwned (early and often), not every other second where my gender becomes apparent.

It’s natural lip enhancement.

This is absolute BS.

I’m a male white gamer and I NEVER harassed nor witnessed any harassment AT ALL.

So what’s the deal with this useless video.

This is pure non-sense.

Are you completely blind and deaf? This shit is everywhere


That must be nice… being a male gamer… never witnessing any harassment… hmmmm it’s almost like there’s some reason for that… let me think…


How’s the coffee in ‘being part of the problem’ land? Bitter?


And we have our first brand new poster in a gaming thread, who will no doubt stay with us for many years, and not disappear immediately after crapping out his ‘contribution’.

I really need to make a BB-bingo card for the comment section when there’s a post about gaming…


Oh!! I figured it out!!

Maybe it’s because you can’t see it! You could even say it’s… invisible…??


So is this the part of the dicussion thread where we get to talk about production values? Because I’d like to lodge a complaint about facial distortion