What makes someone a 'girl gamer'?


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Being female and playing video games.

Next question.


or other games :slight_smile:


Identifying as one.

if I had identified as a girl gamer growing up I’d now be a woman gamer tho, ageist ageisters!


Wait, don’t you need a union card? I think Reddit issues them.


If you’re going to play the union card, I’m going to play the race card, m’kay?

And the race card controls the orbital mind-control lasers, so I win.


Obvious snark aside, I enjoyed the link about the newer, less sexist (for a change) Barbie ad campaign.

I liked it. Possibly the most progressive thing to come from Barbie since she became the second woman astronaut (right after Tereshkova).


That assumes that being a gamer is/was primarily a male thing. It never really was.


Eh, seems like it’s just pandering to the internet adults who complain about Barbie.

Did this ad actually air on any TVs? And is Barbie actually make any real changes to their product line to promote a new way of thinking? Or did they just pay an off-site ad agency to create an ad to make the bloggers think they’re doing something different?


Someone who enjoys playing games and has a vagina


Good questions all. As a commercial video creator by trade and fun video enjoyer by choice, I am qualified to say, with 100% certainty, that I enjoyed the video. It is indeed clearly aimed at adult sensibilities, presumably parents. Which is OK by me.

Is it a cynical ploy and nothing real changes? No idea. That barbie.com/youcanbeanything link does seem to be dead, which is not a good sign as far as “the brand taking the campaign seriously” goes.


No, the Goldfish Fanciers just took them over.


Wasn’t that the lisa lionheart slogan?





“Girl gamer” is the most recent incarnation of “lady doctor”.


Rather, it wasn’t until the industry decided to make it a male thing.


We could go with just gamer fer sure it’d be best, but if some of teh rest of the world won’t go along with it there’s money to be made selling them tee-shirts.

I’m thinking


MAN GAMER! :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:



BOY GAMER! :hatched_chick:



MALE GAMER! :wink:



MAIL GAMER! :post_office:


TWIG AND BERRIES GAMER! :deciduous_tree: :cherries:



No idea.

Is it sad that a for-parents interpretation of “you can do anything”, out of the infinite potential of a child’s imagination, is a bunch of ordinary, muggle-approved jobs? Not a space ninja in sight. No, the unicorn bit doesn’t count.

“With Barbie, your (female) offspring can pretend to be all grown up and not unemployed!”. Adjusted aspirations, I guess.


This ought to be …

ah, fuck it, it’s gonna turn to crap isn’t it?


Space ninja my throwing stars hit like a truck.