Brianna Wu explains why #gamergate death-threats won't scare her into backing down



I love this lady. I worry a bit about the “pink ghetto,” though. If devs make games “for” 40-year-old mothers, and it’s clear that this market segment is who the game is “for,” then it still won’t reach the 13 year old dinkuses, and you’ll just have a “separate but equal” zone.

But if they make a game “for” 40-year-old mothers and it’s not so explicit and specific that it’s inclusive, that sounds stellar. I’m thinking something like Shelter. I bet a mom (or a dad) gets a special kind of experience from that game, but it’s something that even your racist kid cousin could grok and their life would be better for it! Or a game like Papers, Please. That isn’t “for” adults in post-soviet-esque countries to fantasize about being a border guard. But it’s not “for” boys, either.

This entire concept of a game that is good regardless of your marketing niche seems to be a kind of impossible dream in a lot of ways, but it’s probably a good goal!


To riff on @daedalus’s mention of Papers, Please. RPS just listed a load of games that go a bit beyond the stereotypical shooter, including that one.

I look forward to seeing what @Spacekatgal comes up with. Yay diversity!


I believe that was a hoax.

(I understand that the comment quoted here was not trying to troll, but I want to avoid spreading misinformation – please try again)

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Thanks for the info, I would have never found that. Unfortunately it’s hard to wade through all the crap out there to find the truth when honestly the gamergate side works harder to defame whatever they claim their opposition is.

It makes my original point that they are inventing their own boogymen to lash out against even stronger. They are putting women in a position to shine in the public eye, and then attacking them as attention whores. Frequently they claim it’s all a false flag conspiracy for these women to promote their own materials and then use it as proof that their “movement” has purpose.


See @Craig_Bickford for the aforementioned false flag conspiracies.

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Katherine Cross is actually about ethics in games development.


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That’s a super bizarre read. Someone there is all up in arms because Wu falsely said she was hacked - that is, because she drew a reasonable inference from the facts in front of her and then changed her mind when she got more information. Apparently that’s an odious thing to do.


The article seems to have been written by the interviewer: Katherine Cross, not Frank Wu.

Given that #germergoat is primarily angry at Brianna Wu for being female, there’s not really a lot she can do to “back down.” I suppose she could promise to never make, talk about, play or even look at games, and that might assuage a few #gamertaint man-babies, but not all of them.


I’m against this push for women’s issues in gaming.
IMO its just Misandry masked as ‘feminism’.
And it will destroy the gaming industry if not stopped.

I say this with experience. As a kid I read paperbacks published in the 60s, early 70s, earlier from the library and used bookstore. Got to love the Lancer paperback Conan reprints that I read to pieces, Elric, Dunsany, Clark Ashton Smith, lots of Lin Carter stuff - Gor - Gor by the “Bucketload”…

Then, turning 18, in college and with a job I felt like a tycoon and bought “New” stuff. This was early 90s. Well I felt I’d hit a wall of “What the…?”

Doing research backwards, the “Feminist” movement, also what we now call “Political Correctness” was forced by a few monopolized companies on the paperback market. They cancelled Gor and blacklisted John Norman despite his books making good money. They published a lot of pro “Feminist”, “Multicultural” stuff…

And the paperback industry collapsed. Oh, you can get paperback books, but it’s 1/10th at best the whole thing for what sci-fi / fantasy alone used to be. And its all PC drek, surface only stories just there to fill shelf space and hope they win the lottery and become the next “Game of …” whatever.

Frankly, the ugly truth is that games are created by and for males. And they are brutal “Sink or Swim” they make what sells or they don’t get a paycheck. On top of that they are already hamstrung by non law but industry ‘ratings’ that hobble them, much as comic books had to deal with.

And, yes, Anita Saarkesian and her screeching crew can and will destroy the video game market if not stopped. How will they do it? Simple. First, and this is happening now, the publishers will ‘consult’ them to make the games more mass appealing - this will create more $80 million flops than even Microsoft can swallow. Just as with paperbacks the women, minority, subculture market really isn’t in to them, those figures are lies…

Now, wait, it’ll get worse… What will these big companies do when they get a few flops? Tell Anita to take a hike, to avoid throwing good money after bad? Nope. They’ll mozy over to the “Art Game” world and savage it like Genghis Khan’s horde. Suddenly any “Art game” idea will be taken outright by big companies, made with far better graphics and coding they ever could do, and yeah a few will ‘make it big’ but most ideas will then become un-marketable, sued to oblivion if they try to sell them, if they aren’t blocked from any online market as it is… And they’ll scream to Mammy Obammy or Mammy Romney or … ugh… Mammy next Son-of-a-Bush PresiDOn’t for money, then run when it dries up.

And no “Next gen” consoles, nothing but amateur work, and consoles likely will be locked out by the companies when they bankrupt so you can’t play your existing games either…

We need a backlash against these FemiNOTS. They are just trying to find a niche for themselves to make money since they went through the Debt Factories - excuse me “Colleges” - but we are now in a “Post Feminist” world like it or not.

But, no I’m not raving “Death Threats” or any garbage like that. I’m an old fashioned man who opens the door for a lady - or anyone- and the feminist women smack him in the face… By “Backlash…” I mean…

We need to make -and support- video games that are worse - by far - games today. Let’s make barbarian games with ‘aggressive seduction’ sub-routines… Barbarian has captured lady in tent, takes off fur bikini, “Woman! Why you scream!? OG will give you MANY BABIES!!!” Import tons of dirty japanese games, Rapelay, even some of the “Loli” stuff that Chester M would have loved. More stereotypes like Fu Manchu, Dragon ladies, savage black filed teeth cannibal natives. In a decade (1) we’ll have a kid going “Mommy! Daddy! Can I haz 'Marquis De Sade’s 120 Days of Sodom”? Oh, pleeze! My Friends in Grade School all love it, don’t want to be weirdo. And the Mutilation Physics are Awesome!!!" And the parents go “Oh, for the days of the Hot Coffee thing on GTA…”

And make it clear “this is to make Anita Saarkeesian SCREAM!” Oh, and Ms Wu too!!!
-but no ‘death threats’ or whatever, that’s plain wrong - and - one man’s opinion - not true…

It’s simple, if you support a Misandrist hate of white males to hurt them at every level, even a pathetic refuge, fine support this. If you want to have good games, be for the backlash… And note people do not HAVE to buy “Worriors of Torrrgggg” or “120 Days of Sodom” they can publish “Feminist” games and see if they SELL, I just don’t want them to force other’s right to make what they make and buy or sell in the market…

1-Credit to joke to Adam Warren, paraphrasing cartoon from PSM magazine

Seems legit.


So, you’re saying it’s not about ethics in journalism?



I don’t think you could really capture 120 Days of Sodom unless Infocom put it out.


Here’s the joke -

Yeah, IMO if they made it into a real movie (Salo an ignoble experiment) it’d be like 10 or 12 hours, horribly boring through most of it, then towards the end people would be laughing but then going berserk, running out of the theater, attempting to break into the projectionist’s room to destroy the film. The Projectionist (assuming a non-automated system) would be stark raving mad of course, assuming the movie house survived a few showings…

But, on the other hand to illustrate the absurd “Kids these days…” thing;-)
And a gore fest loosely based on the book using next next next next (?10 years) gen technology for good FX… Well it would make Anita scream so I’d be for it!

I need an expert in Poe’s law in the thread posthaste.


Somebody needs a muffin.

I appreciate the breadth of your knowledge of the underbelly of Western culture, but nevertheless I feel you need this:

While it’s well known that as one gets older, one tends to find changes in the world at large unsettling, confusing, fucking irritating, a rebuke to one’s very existence, it’s generally not a good idea to make a career out of saying so. - Greil Marcus


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