Games Workshop kindly reminds players that the Imperium of Man is bad, actually

I mean that’s the thing, they DO, because they know he’d have us murdered first. These people aren’t playing games. They know exactly what they’re doing and saying.


Er doesn’t Warhammer have both an RPG (which I have played a few times) and a miniatures based combat game, similar to 40K?

Minatures are fun, I just don’t have the time or money to get into it. And if I did, it would probably be Battletech. I did used to play the Star Wars minis game.

I mean, I have dipped a toe into some of the lore. The visuals and designs are pretty cool. It just always seemed too expensive and I wasn’t in love with the universe to go for it.

I have several friends who are competitive minis gamers, but not with Warhammer.

The only good guy in the game is this one lawyer on an insignificant planet who keeps filing police-brutality cases against the local Department of Submission

which of course go straight into the shredder

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The cases or the lawyers?

(this is your reminder that the guy who said “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers” was also a bad guy)


But not all bad, obviously.

or acknowledge that life has subtlety. that’s part of the draw though of might makes right fantasies: the simplicity of not having to think much or worry much about morality, ethics, guilt, and emotion.


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