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Hey, all -

My son is getting to that age where he’s interested in PC gaming… I’d also like a laptop that can be a decent desktop replacement when docked… done a lot of research, and am leaning toward a Clevo chassis machine (specifically, Eluktronics).

Since I value the opinions of those here, I figured I’d get some input… if anyone has experience, good or bad, with Clevo chassis, feel free to give me some thoughts before I pull the trigger.



Unless he needs the latest greatest game look for refurb business grade with a dedicated graphics chip. You may want to put more memory in it but an i7 or even i5 Latitude or T-series thinkpad will be built like a tank and basic fixin is usually one screw as well as those are properly dockable.

I like to recommend these guys as they do good with your money and have good hardware for cheap and that is where the wife and kid got their laptops from and I will likely get my next one from them despite really loving a large screen.

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I’m not familiar with Clevo/Eluktronics, so I can’t speak to their qualities.

I bought my kids Razer Blades when they entered college, as a reward for being accepted. They seem to be pretty good machines and go on sale occasionally. They aren’t as physically sturdy as a corporate windows laptop, more like an Apple.

(Before that I had always required them to build or buy their own, or use machines I salvaged from corporate dumpsters and loaded with linux.)

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I’ve long been a fan of refurbished Thinkpads (usually T series, but I have a couple of X series kicking around as well). Mine don’t have dedicated GPUs, but they do everything that I need.

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