sold to Singapore media company that owns NME

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@beschizza… the image for this story…

Seth Meyers Yes GIF by PeacockTV


Pulling up a month ago got a very old dead page, then three weeks ago it was 401, and today it’s:

via a single line to some CSS and an image. wonder how much they pay their web master (anyone care to send an email to “”? naahhh)

oh, and for any other clueless folks, NME stands for New Musical Express, founded in 1952 (so how ‘new’ is that?)


I want more of this!


It would be fitting justice if, in the end, the domain served up a single page with a message to this effect:

Peter Thiel is a gay man. Despite what he thinks, everyone knows and has for decades, no-one cares, and it’s no cause for shame (and certainly not for spending millions of dollars to shut down a site that says so).

What is cause for shame is being a thin-skinned billionaire who promotes fascism. Peter Thiel is that too.

Thank you for visiting


That was hours of work back in the day. AI could toss it off in seconds now

edit: haha maybe not. Though I suuposed I should be using SD, not MJ


So Gawker joins ThisOldHouse, Forbes and CNET as hollow media brands rented to the highest bidding scammers to hawk their shit.


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