GCHQ used fake Slashdot, LinkedIn to target employees at Internet exchanges


Dear Spooks,

I would like more information about your MUTANT BROTH please!

Faithfully yours,



In the bad old days of the Clipper Chip, I wondered why the government demanded the escrow of not only the keys needed to decrypt messages, but also of signing keys. Escrowed signing keys have no use for decryption, only for impersonation.

Now I know.

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FFS Ian Fleming would never have left such an obvious trail.

What happened to subtlety and care in spycraft? Everyone involved in this clusterfk should be forced to read the entire writings of John le Carre.

(oh and maybe we don’t need to spy on our friends)

Well, this one only refers to delivery of ‘malware’ without specifying what malware they were using. I assume a keylogger or similar. Gotta wonder why the government targeted OPEC, though. I could understand an oil company…

Nevermind. Forgot for a sec that large corps and .govs are the same thing now. Going to bed. Maybe this time when I wake up I’ll be out of the Matrix for a while.


Is it me or does this all sound like a poor pastiche of a Charlie Stross Laundry Novel?

Gad, man! Are you suggesting that there is a real LinkedIn?


Clearly Charlie Stross is behind all of this nonsense, drumming up interest for his next Laundry Files novel.

How many attacks have we now seen, by governments/black hats/‘ethical’ hackers/my grandma/etc. that utilise fucking LinkedIn? I’d make it a sacking offence to have a bloody profile on the thing…


One would likely install remote administration software of some kind and then have access to do whatever was needed in the future. A keylogger would be likely part of it. As would various back doors. Video and audio capture. File system, registry and bios access. Packet sniffer maybe.

If one were in the position to do such things…

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