Geminid meteor showers peak this weekend. Here's how to view, in the skies and online


With normal limits of 8-17th December, the maximum is predicted for the 7 am on the night of 13/14th December (Saturday/Sunday).

Maybe it’s me, but 7am is not night. Did someone forget to copy/paste correctly?

I saw what appeared to be good meteor low in the northeast sky at about 6:30 EST. I thought it looked rather like a bottle rocket with a sparkly orange tail, but it seemed to high and fast for that. Still it was low to the horizon so i was not sure.

I saw a much better one about two months falling vertically with a good trail of sparks.

I see several meteors a year while walking the dog.

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Pretty good activity on Saturday night. I saw one as I walked out the door, and a friend saw a couple while driving.

I didn’t know the meteor showers were happening but happened to be outside in a fairly rural area and saw quite a few. I could have stayed out there all night had it not been so cold.

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