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Highly doubtful, just based solely upon the content of his comments.


But if you meant that other skill, then I’m pretty dubious about that too; one generally needs to like women in order to be any good at pleasing them.


Holy license plate thread batman!

For one of the click to view hidden content links it took me to a kitten webpage. Anyone else?


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Not enough likes


We have a thread for that


Yep. Thought I answered that. I was referring the common meme in noting that the thread I liked would sap other’s likes. Hence I made a snide comment about my LT COmmander badge noting that I’ve been around. Sorry if I was being too circumspect or inscrutable

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Anonymized lamaranagram at user request.


Must be higher TL than that because no one ever did it to me and, Lord knows, I have deserved it many a time.


Hey rube?


Wolf bait.


Fascinating, being deleted for advocating free speech. BBS, always surprising.

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I have no idea what you are talking about, but I’m guessing that was the point of you being passive-aggressive in the first place.

If you’d like to engage in an actual, beneficial discussion, let me know.


Do not insult one another.

I was trying hard not to get personal. Since you say I failed, can you explain to me? Was it “silly questions”? I really don’t know how pointing out the slippery slope from “encouraging” self censorship to terrorism was insulting.

For the future, how do I reference for you a post that has been deleted by another moderator without repeating the post that has been deleted and attracting more negative attention?

There’s no easy way for us to see non-flag-related mod actions (that’s not to say there isn’t a way, just that there isn’t an easy way). so your best bet is to give us some context - even a link to the topic, in this case, would have helped me figure out what you were talking about (as I didn’t take any actions in there).

As to the actions in question, I took a quick look at the deleted exchange -it’s not about the points either of you were trying to make. When the posts start to become about BBS members instead of the points they’re making, then that crosses the line of FAQ item 1. Debate the position, not the person. Even when the position is upsetting to you. We will defend your right to have your say if you can do so while being respectful to others.

And if others aren’t being respectful to you? Flag, don’t reply in kind.



OK. So I was deleted for “Keep telling yourself that”? Pretty weak tea IMO.

I think he’s just having fun, at this point. I expect this comment to be deleted. C’mon live a little: disemvowel me or perform floral appliqué to my post or something new and exciting.

Let him have fun if he needs it. I’m still processing the thread message that my fellow Liberals have lost their love of basic free expression. It’s heartbreaking. The Right has said it for a while, but I didn’t believe.

Let’s please keep this thread on-topic for moderation. Thanks.