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As a first post here, a notice: @lamaranagram has asked for a 14-day suspension as a “time-out”, which I’ve just granted.


I’ve just anonymized the japhroaig user at their request.

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What does this mean? I’m not grokking this.


This is really where this should go. Y’all got problems.


Given the response I seen to questioning mod decisions, I just gotta wish anyone doing that the very best of luck.


Effectively, japhroaig has had his account name changed, his avatar deleted, etc. No trace of the man and regular we all knew and loved exists now. For a time, his shadow walked among us, but now even that too is gone.

What I like about Proboards - a forum host - is that they have given the users the power to irrevocably delete their user account and all their posts with it, without requiring board runners to intervene or take action. Discourse should have had that feature to begin with.


Yes, it should. I’m sure the logic is that if you let users blast all their past posts of their own accord, then the coming and going of users could really disrupt the ability to even read through some threads.

The other issue is that reading threads over (for me) 100 to 200 entries (others have longer attention spans) is something I just won’t do. I’m so busy and I only have a few minutes at a snipe to be reading stuff on the intertubes.

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Discourse actually has a pretty cool feature on long topics - the first post will have a “summarize this topic” button that will float the highest rated comments to the top, so you can condense the discussion down to (at most) 100 replies.


Memory holing by mods and the st elsewhere massacre really disrupted a lot of threads. Entire chunks missing.


Yes, thank you for the tips. I do use that sometimes. I think most of the features in Discourse are awesome. Thinking about all this stuff and coding it up must be fun! Not being facetious. It’s come a long way since the beginning.

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Anonymized M_M at their request.


Anonymized slybevel at their request.


Any comments on the length of bans?

Are you referring to specific bans or a general case?

In general I’ve been called pretty soft on first time bans, but I believe a week or two is long enough for someone to consider whether they want to return and abide by the rules or not. Subsequent violations are treated much more much harshlu, and sock puppetry or ban evasion will make me a very sad panda.

That being said, that’s just MY philosophy. I’m the primary mod here now so my philosophy is probably most relevant (and I’ll note bans in this thread), but I can’t speak for anyone but myself.

@orenwolf & @codinghorror,

What’s up with users (such as @null, though I’m not intending to single anybody out) not showing any username? You also can’t click the avatar.

And worst of all, if I reply to one of their posts, it doesn’t show up as a reply.

Apologies if this is not the right place to ask.

No repro? I can click on their avatar. It’s transparent. Username shows as “null”. I am not following…

What about here?

Here’s a screenshot for context: