Transparency - changes to the BBS

What’s personal? The want to have an open community? My trying to step in and make that a reality while also respecting the existing, closed community that existed before?

Or did you mean the tireless hours that the Boing boing staff puts in every day to try and make this dream of theirs a reality for as many people as possible?

Because yes, it is personal.


Does promoting he best community possible involve sniping at the upset people on twitter?

Because that is what is happening.


I think you’ve been reading the wrong blog if sniping at people on twitter is a surprise to you. :slight_smile:


I wasn’t referring to you, Ken;

Like many of us have already said, you’ve been a mensch.


Somebody wants to added to the disappointed list… :expressionless:


You say that like I’m surprised it’s happening, or is this just the thread to bait more regs into decade long bans?

I’m not going to walk away from this place or anything, but for such a lofty goal there isn’t an actually transparent path to directly addressing anyone it’s just a decision that was announced. There’s no rules set for how bans will be handled, there is nothing in place to attempt to make moderation more consistent, and you had to know how people would take this considering the timing.

Platitudes are all well in good, and I have enjoyed your increased involvement, but there is absolutely nothing to address some pretty real concerns. And to have one of the people behind this antagonizing posters in the thread they knew was already going to kick a beehive and then again off site is shitty.

I have no reason to not fear an arbitrary high punishment for an arbitrarily low infraction.


And the perfect is once more the enemy of the good.


Boing Boing is Boing Boing. It’s a collection of Authors who generally have the same interests but specifically vary greatly in their execution. That equality-with-diversity is what makes the place wonderful, to begin with, but yes, each Author is also going to react differently to things posted on the BBS.

Generally, I’ve been handed “the ball” to carry BBS into the future, but if you call out an author against the community guidelines, you’re going to get a reaction.

Enso’s behaviour was inappropriate in any thread. I don’t fault him (or anyone) their feelings on this change, but I don’t doubt he knew specifically what he was getting into with his posts.

The vast majority of mod actions are handled by the mod team. And we’re going to take efforts to keep that process transparent as much as reasonable going forward. I completely understand if, to you, that’s not enough. But it’s all I can offer.


I can understand this point of view. But you are all ignoring the fact that you (all) did create that forum (and, hence, fostered the community) which became so important to so many of us. And ending it now is not taking everyone back to that original decision.


Yeah, hence why I didn’t also say the same thing in response to Jason’s post. I get that, but if you cannot even acknowledge how both sides of that exchange made mistakes, then you are failing to meet what I consider the minimum standard for transparency and this is a failed exercise.

I will reiterate, I appreciate your work. I think it has been great both contributing to conversation and helping trim down the discussions from lounge threads from being toxic. I’m a little concerned about how it will work without a semi-public thread, but that’s the new bbs we live in. As someone not very active in regular activities despite reading the threads, my personal habits remain mostly unaffected - but I am also insensed though not surprised at the lack of any empathy demonstrated by the true minority of posters here.


I hate to say it, but this whole thing reminds me of what happened to my college’s radio station. The brought in the staff and told them the morning before they announced it to the world that the station would no longer be on the air from 5am to 7pm, instead the state Public Broadcaster would now be there. The people that made the station what it is were not consulted. Legally, the university president had ever legal right to do what he did. But it took something that had become a much beloved community resource and irrevocable changed it.


I am deeply honored and will try to live up to this responsibility.


This. It’s a bit disheartening that legitimate complaints over the new order have given way to people clamouring for an arrangement of pixels in the form of an inventive title. Does anyone else not give two tits about this? Apart from mel of course. :sunglasses:


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/aside: Did we work for the same college radio station, or did that just happen in a lot of places?


[checks out @politeruin’s badges] Well, okay. Twenty three is the minimum, okay? Now, you know it’s up to you whether or not you want to just do the bare minimum. Or… well, like @othermichael, for example, has thirty two pieces of flair badges, okay. And a terrific smile.


It’s late and i’m tired but i don’t quite follow, 23 is the minimum what? That i have 23 badges? I wilfully chased one or two of those because the gamification was fun but otherwise i’m not really a badge chaser.


This conceit is a step too far for me. I get what’s trying to be done here, and I was never invested in the whole hierarchy in the first place, but the way this is all going down, and this idea that you are above “us Regulars” and are making the decisions unilaterally, and claiming some kind of persecuted status as a result, is galling. You, the BB owners, and everyone involved with this site has benefitted greatly from our participation. Learn to appreciate your supporters.


Of course!

Sleepy bedtime. :sleeping: