@chgoliz says goodbye


And I’m done with this one. I’ve had too many perfectly normal posts pulled, while having to read too many racist, sexist, etc. posts which get to stand. This is the thread that drove me away, finally.

Gallery of 34 notes written by pissed-off neighbors
Gallery of 34 notes written by pissed-off neighbors



Ah, fuck. And poop.

As a very, very, long standing member of the BBS (and before), recognized, by nearly all, respected and being a very contributing member you will be missed.



shakes head and so this place is lessened. Farewell from here, at least.


Well shit. I can’t even. You’ve always been great and a big part of why this place has felt like a community. If you’re going I’m sorry to see you go.


I am sad to see you go, but I don’t blame you and I am not sure how long I can hang in here as much as I want to make this place nice again.


I’m sorry you’re leaving. I’ve always enjoyed your contributions and I hope you’ll be back someday soon.


So close behind you really. Sad to say bye.

I got pooped out too.


I’m very sorry to see you go, Liz. You’ve clearly been brigaded, and why that isn’t policed better here is simply unknowable.


The last time you left, we were able to rally around you and help to enact some positive change to the community. Sadly this time I don’t see that happening. The circumstances just too different this time around; too irreparable.

Your leaving just further adds to the void left behind as more and more valued and loved community members leave – either by choice or by force.

I’m very saddened to see you go and I hope to see you Elsewhere in the future.


Yup. Not a fan of the new way, myself. Come back in a few months, please.


That’s annoying, but I understand.

Thanks for all your contributions here. You’ve always been one of the most valuable contributors to discussion here, so I always enjoyed seeing another one of your posts.

So long, and thanks for all the likes.


That’s too bad. If you need any Popobawa conversation, feel free to PM or email me. I am still here for you!


It’s becoming clearer to me that this site has several cultural issues - there’s a lot of reinforcement of established social privilege both on the blog and in the bbs. I’m logging out, too.


Also to @chgoliz: do you know of a similar but better place to go?


It’s definitely become a lot harder to be a non-white male on these boards. The foxes started gaining control of the hen-house after Falcor left. And then, everyone who cared about building and maintaining community was evicted because they apparently did too good of a job. That that uproar lead to a string of bans, self-bans and anonymizations.

It is a failure of leadership that so many of the oldest and most trusted contributors have gone.

@chgoliz is absolutely not a troll, but the trolls called her one and drove her out. @learnedcoward is absolutely not a troll, but he had the gall to question happy fun ball, and now he’s been banned.

So yeah, I really do what to know what folks have learned about community building. And then I want to know why they haven’t applied it here.


Maybe not only applied, why not sustained. @jlw I know a lot of people tried in several ways to open a dialogue. Apart from some, in my opinion, not correct ideas about what was happening in the lounge. I still feel not have had a good explanation about what happened past months. And if these two bothersome topics where the problem (And such I understand well) why just not removed them. or moved them public, my choice. And let the people be a community. And kept using the TL3 with the necessary flagging, and the very good interchange with Falcor.
It is quite bothersome to see this all crumbling and more and more people who kept this, a wonderful save mutant place, save, leave.


#This sucks.

You’ll be missed, and it really sucks that you probably won’t be the last to give up the ghost.*

*And all because ____ doesn’t play well with others, or respect anyone.