Man with stick calmly convinces charging elephant not to run him over

WHEW! That was exciting. The guide likely knew this elephant and if he didn’t he certainly was reading every second of it’s behavior. This elephant was “mock charging”, usually they are mock changing when the ears are out and they act all blustery. A real charge involves the ears back, trunk tucked in, and silent. I’ve been mock charged by wild elephants before and it’s TERRIFYING.


That’s where the elephant tramples him. Then they spice in earlier footage from the exchange to make it look like the elephant just walked away. :wink:


But they’re not talking about how many safari guides have been killed.

That’s the elephant in the room.


Achievement unlocked!


“Next time I’ll bring a jumbo bag of peanuts.”

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Exactly so.

Yeah, I was thinking that even if I knew how to remain calm I wouldn’t want to have a less experienced person right behind me.

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Yep, cameramen can be impressively impassive too :

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Beautiful animal. Both of them.

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‘Speak softly and carry a big stick’ - but in a nice way (i.e. the stick was symbolic, not practical)

Agreed. For all we know he was making funny faces at it with his back to the camera.

I also suspect that elephants are more likely to full-on charge when they have something to protect, like an infant or a sick/elderly herd member.

Or a tax cut.

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Heavy symbolism.

Man = Democracy
Stick = Truth
Elephant = GOP

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This is what happens if an elephant gets angry.

Note: His ears are out.

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What I notice is that aside from standing totally still and silent at first, he mirrors the elephant’s movements to a large degree. Moving forward, waving the stick as a substitute for a trunk, thrashing the underbrush a bit, replying to the elephant’s own gestures. His vocalizations are low and non-threatening. When the elephant retreats, he moves back also; when the elephant walks away to the right, he walks away to the left.


Sometimes there’s nothing you can do to keep the elephants from coming after you.


Interesting, i love finding out stuff like this about various regions in the world :slight_smile: thanks for the link

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