Griping about moderation, bias, et cetera

Does “doesn’t cut it around here” mean “goes against community guidelines,” or just “we don’t agree with it?” I wish I could read the exact content of those removed comments again because I remember being confused as to why they were hidden, if not just because people disagreed with them.

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Homophobic, transphobic, and ad homimjnen posts will be eaten by the relevant authorities when flagged. Or when @jlw deems it so.

Owl under his eye, indeed.


as was mentioned by tinoesroho, homophobic statements are against guidelines.

do keep in mind that a comment that is within community guidelines is liable to be removed if it is a reply to a comment removed for being against the guidelines. it could easily be the case that a hidden comment that seemed to to you to be within the guidelines may have been removed because of its linkage to a comment that got removed because it was in violation of the guidelines.


Also misogynistic posts, victim blaming posts, posts promoting hatred of any sort.

I do miss Falcor’s flair about announcing her intent to ‘have lunch’ whenever folks
stepped out of line, as it were.


I’m not talking about homophobic or transphobic posts. Regardless of the content of the YouTube channel, someone’s BBS comment was merely that YouTube was practicing censorship, and that comment was flagged and removed.

It seems that this topic was created to address whether or not comments on BBS are removed because they violate community regulations, or merely because people disagree with them. I feel that this was an example of the latter. It’s probably academic, since, being removed, I can’t point out the specific examples.

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This here is a rubbish bin for complaints that were off-topic somewhere else. You can thank @Nightflyer that they weren’t just deleted.

If you’re hoping to actually change or clarify anything, you might want to try posting in the General Moderation Topic. We’ll make popcorn.


and you’re sure that comment wasn’t a reply to a previous comment that might have contained statements outside of the guidelines? as i keep mentioning, that will also result in the removal of a comment.

otherwise, you’re basically saying that orenwolf or jlw or someone similarly placed wiped out a non-offensive post for no reason, something that seems incredibly unlikely.


Don’t be silly; we keep a popper going at all times, just in case.


Thanks for the clarification. I’ll check there.

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Only a handful of my posts have been flagged and deleted. I have no idea how many have been flagged and not deleted, I only know the single one cited here, which I could correct in time. In the time I have been a member, I have tried to follow community guidelines and have been reasonably successful.

This thread is not about me. It is about moderation and about several members who feel, for whatever reasons, that this BBS is an echo chamber.

It’s good to hear that you’ve almost never been moderated and that you’re not stating that the moderation you have received was outside of the terms of service.

As most of the posters here are younger than myself I hope my quite different perspective and experience has some value. One of the things I’ve learned is that not having a popular opinion or being part of the majority isn’t necessarily a burden. It gives one character. But one does have to accept that their opinion isn’t the majority. Such is life.


Wait: you get notification and have the chance to change your post before it’s deleted?

I have no idea how many posts I’ve lost over the years, because I don’t get notifications. They just disappear, and I only notice if I’m trying to find a specific one to remember what I said.

You must be one of those elite posters you’ve been talking about who gets special treatment.


I’m not sure, but I think you only get a chance to edit if your post is the one that got Flagged. If you lose a post by collateral damage (in a direct response to a Flagged/deleted post or off-topic pruning) it just vanishes. I’ve had posts disappear in cleanups and I’ve never been notified either.




That’s correct; if we respond to a post that ends up getting modded, the reply itself usually becomes ‘collateral damage’ when the offending comment gets eaten, and no notification is given.

Some of my best snark has gone “poof!” that way.

And yet:

Nope, not a bit.

Also established track records of posting in bad faith tend to supersede any ‘assumption of good faith.’

That phrase generally means that we’re not supposed to just assume that any newcomer is automatically a troll.

However, if a member has been here weeks or months or even years, he or she is going to develop predictable patterns of behavior, and that’s going to be noticed by the rest of the active community.


This is a very meta microcosm of what I was asserting. In this thread, you’ve implied bias on the part of the moderation team, you have accused others of flagging you for a misunderstanding. Your response to @KathyPadilla seemed, to me, to be both passive-aggressive and borderline Sea Lion behavior.

Yet here you are, asking that the guidelines be applied to others while you dance on the line of what is acceptable discourse and what is not.

My advice, which you can choose to take or not, is to take more care about how you communicate with others here. My take on your posting history is that you have a strong tendency to post misogynistic content and respond patronizingly to women on the board. I don’t think it’s intentional - but that doesn’t matter. Whether you mean it or not, it’s against the guidelines. It will get flagged, and it will get moderated.

Rather than ask the whole community to adapt to your communications, it would make more sense if you adapt your communications to what the community is willing to accept.


what is your meaning here? with the words “incredibly unlikely” italicized coupled with the statement that “i do not think it means what you think it means.”

if you refer to the two italicized words, please tell me what those two words should mean. i think those words refer to a an event with a probability of 0.001% or less.

if you refer to something else, please tell me what that is so i may be enlightened.


And then she slowly rose from a creaky oak rocking chair, dusted off her shaw, and hobbles back to the digital shed to gather more wool++ to spin into fresh comments to share with the world.


Don’t get me started on my lumbago - and all those whippersnappers bending my grass blades.