Flag reporting

Once again I got a comment snipped without being flagged and with no notice email. This time in the Pizza slice-shaped bags for, well, your slices of pizza thread.

You were flagged by the rest of the inpatients.


Sometimes I get a internal BBS mail if someone flags a comment, sometimes not.

In this case an image macro from tombstone maker was used instead of the usual comment reply “you are dead to me”. The person semed to think it was funny. I guess I dont get why a macro is worth removal but more explicit text isnt.

Anyway thanks for the reply.

It is an imperfect system that works well enough.

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This thread is about moderation so I should have been much more clear about why is the flagging/notice system so inconsistent?

We’re mods, not designers of the software, unfortunately! Your question is better asked here:


Becayse there are several different ways a comment might be removed. Your experiences seem to indicate you’ve run into a lot of those, regualrly?

And to be clear, is your line of questioning focused on possible imperfections in the system under which your contributions have been removed?

I don’t think a consistent user experience for the regularly disruptive is the goal of that system, what do you think?


Was the comment a reply to something else that also went poof?
I know it weirded me out the first time that happened but when I realized the post I was replying to also went away I figured it out.


The comment I replied to and the comment replying to me (both from the same person) are intact

Instead of complaining about the function of something over which you have no control (how the bbs software alerts for flags), maybe you should concentrate on something that you do, and avoid writing stuff that gets flagged.


How will he do this if he doesn’t know which of his posts get flagged?


He notices which ones disappear, and as collegial as we can be, this isn’t a school.

Also, can’t rules lawyer an arbitrary set of rules. Which is no bug.


Indeed. It’s a piece of software. One that has features implemented to help us navigate it, and they should work as designed to help us in that navigation.

Sounds like you have a beef with @Israel_B specifically.

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Nothing personal with Israel. Merely an issue with certain patterns of behavior that some exhibit. If it were a person renowned and lauded for insightful contributions that suffered the fate, then I would be concerned.

I would like to add to this - even the Popo can be constructive and positively contribute pearls of wisdom. Perhaps if one regularly falls afoul the community standards, they should examine their behavior in said community.

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I consider @Israel_B to be just one such.

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That’s nice, but not relevant to community standards.

Thank you, I’ll just nod in agreement.

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sounds like you have whatever the opposite of a beef is, for him. Carry on, it’s not about him, or me, or you. Right? No need to change the subject to people from systems.

However, the basis of the question is a unique POV. I’m not being ad hominem when I mention this. This isn’t a problem encountered by getting too many likes. Also, I don’t run into these problems much, so I’ve not noticed them. If I ran a blog I’d wonder how high a priority it should be to make that part of the overall experience a kinder process.


What it’s about is exactly what he said it’s about:

If he’s misbehaving, feedback on when that happens should not be missed.

The process is kind enough. If my posts get flagged, I want to know every time I’m getting dinged, and every time the post is removed so I know where the mods consistently draw the lines.

The fake Voltaire quote comes to mind.

AaR’s concern for a good experience for all members of this community (GG troll alts excepted) is noted and appreciated. Not everyone has the emotional energy to expend effort on behalf of all.

(AaR is an upstanding community member acting in good faith, please do not disparage public defenders)