Pizza slice-shaped bags for, well, your slices of pizza


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Those bags, as long as they are sturdy enough and don’t have quaint little vent holes, also look like they would be useful for anything that requires being piped into place, like frosting or garnishes.


I have had outstanding success storing pizza slices in Sandwich ® bags. They also work great for square, rectangular, and even irregular shaped food and non-food items!


I store left-over pizza slices on a plate. I must be a barbarian.


Ah, but do you cover them, or do you just let them dry out and curl up?


Um, I’ll take the second option. Also, I buy a proper west coast pizza with a lot of vegetables on it because it stays pretty ■■■■■. I eat the left-overs cold for every meal the next day.
Is that too much information?


Leftover pizza is an oxymoron.


leftover… pizza?


I prefer my stomach-shaped bag for pizza storage


I’ve never had a standard, significantly cheaper rectilinear storage bag fail this task.


right? Obviously it’s called breakfast



I didn’t say with sprouts…

I like vegetables on pizza.


Vegetables yes, but “west coast” pizza?


Unfortunately, clicking “like” multiple times just toggles it rapidly…


I live on the west coast of the US.
And, I like it here…

And… I like the pizza.


Guess I can stop ordering St. Louis style pizza now.


Hey! That’s me! Sad!

Did the pizza kill me?

And, how’s the pizza in Japan?


As I recall, its … um … different. Mayo and potato is a featured combo at most places. I’ve literally seen strawberry and whipped cream pizzas as well. There is “normal” pizza as well of course. Its been ages since I had any since I dont eat out (no kosher pizza here) and dont have an oven capable of cooking my own.


I saw a deal on youtube about lining a regular oven with terracotta tiles. Uh, yeah, just kinda’ set them in there, bottom and sides.The guy got pretty good pizza temperatures that way.

Yeah, the clip WAS shot in NY.