Pizza-slicing scissors


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I love slicing cheap terrible pizza with my Little Caesars.


I don’t really understand why some people regard this as such a terrible idea. The traditional wheeled pizza cutter is a cumbersome instrument, as likely to make an incomplete cut as to go halfway through the box, and the whacking huge two-handed blade used by the professionals is probably a little overkill. I suppose one could make a case for using a lengthy pair of conventional scissors rather than getting an additional piece of specialized clutter.


We’ve been doing this for years. By why does it require a different product from the regular office scissors we all know and love?


Takes too long – linear shaped charges FTW!


A single-purpose gadget? Cory, I think Mark has hacked your account …


Can you use pinking shears, just to add a little more fun to your pizza?


Seems like they’d be a pain in the ass to clean.


That. Just that. No more cleaning of the blades.

…apparently it is a Nd:YAG one. The CO2 ones in the other videos cut pizza like crap.

…re no blades cleaning, there was a research at some Wisconsin university about laser cutting of cheese. Apparently an ultraviolet laser is the way to go, as IR ones just won’t cut it. (Melt it, yes. Cut, not so.)
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It seems easier to buy a decent pizza wheel with a 4" blade and give yourself room to work. Like they do at the pizzeria. Single-purpose scissors look like a real pain to clean, use, and store in comparison.


Having a good-sized cutting board so you can bear down on the pizza wheel helps, too. Usually, I just use my chef’s knife anyway; the scissors just look like more clutter for the drawer.


Scooped on the pizza-scissors story:


If you buy this product, you will try it once, and then regret wasting the money.
Just like I did.


Came to post the info and comment, but will do it as a Reply:
From the Specs: Product Dimensions: 5.1 x 3.8 x 3.8 inches.

So that 5.1 inches include the handles leaving how much for the blades? Those scissors might be OK for a pizza made in an Easy-Bake oven, eh.

Just use a chef’s knife on a wooden cutting board.


In Korea, food is often cut with scissors, for example the meat at a table bbq. I found it unusual when I first saw it, but it´s a very pragmatic solution.


The people who complain about a cutting wheel, either have a bad one, don’t know how to properly use it, or both.


This restaurant near Harvard has scissor-cut pizza as its whole gimmick. They just use nice kitchen shears that can be separated for dishwashing.


to be fair, a pizza wheel is also a single-use gadget. as others have said, why not just use the kitchen shears i already have in my kitchen?

besides, real pizza shouldn’t be cut at all.