John Kasich eats pizza with a fork



Know who else ate pizza with a fork?



Well, I’ve been known to use a knife as well - it’s a little hard to cut the pizza with a fork.


Are you from New York?


Cruz sits down when he pees, and Clinton sometimes stands on the right hand side of the escalator.

Am I doing this right?


John Kasich eats pizza with a fork

After all the hands they’ve probably shaken?! I wouldn’t want to not use a fork. And they may not want to chance getting pizza on their hands before shaking the next people’s hands.

(nypost article does say that Kasich then switched to eating it with his hands. What to make of that?)


Ugh. Rules, people:

  1. New York style pizza is eaten with your hand- fold that sumbitch in half so it doesn’t flop around and you’re good to go.
  2. Chicago style deep dish is eaten with fork and knife because it’s impossible any other way.
  3. For all other abominations styles, do what you like.

So, in this specific case, his mistake was being John Kasich (and thus, an asshole).


Your priorities are obviously different from mine.

Pizza > Public Safety


Men and women have fought wars to ensure that Mr. Kasich retains the freedom to choose how he eats pizza that he has purchased or pizza which has been provided to him by kindly strangers.

However, once Mr. Cruz wins the presidency, he surely will deport all of the terrorist-supporting eye-talians in the US as well as to prevent them from entering the country in the future.

Our pizza, the way we eat it, and the lives of our children are at stake.


Montreal pizza is eaten however one pleases. When we order an all-dressed, we really don’t care what culinary barbarians in New York or Chicago prescribe. :wink:


Heh. Canada. Always culturally appropriating American goodness and trying to call it your own.


Not necessary - Montreal was a very French city from the get-go, with cuisine to match. US cities have been playing catch-up ever since (except for maybe New Orleans). :wink:

Mind you, all of you down South have been appropriating our snack food, to whit, poutine.


As is correct.


Appropriating it poorly.


Well, yes, but I didn’t want to say.


Meh, I don’t eat cow or pig, you can keep it. Dafuq kind of pizza is Boston famous for in the fevered imaginations of Canadians, anyway?


Honestly, I’m not sure. I’ve always eaten in hole-in-the-wall pizzerias - I’ve had pizza at Boston Pizza once, and was, shall we say, less than impressed. I suspect it’s famous only in the pointy little heads of businessmen in Mississauga.


Hey, don’t blame Boston Pizza on the GTA. That one’s a Western Canada attrocity.


if it’s floppy, fold it over. what’s next? knife-and-fork tacos? hotdogs? potato chips? there’s no point. they’re all designed to be eaten by hand, why fight it?


Only for the weak.


Ah, I see you’re right - originated in Alberta, headquartered in Richmond, BC. Albertan businessmen make GTA businessmen look positively like Roundheads…