What does your pizza-munching strategy say about you?


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What about crust leavers?


Calm and methodical? Psychopath?

Hmm… I’ll think about that while I calmly, methodically sharpen my dinner knife.


(Adjusts tie and leans forward ever so slightly)

Why… Thank you.


I’ve been called worse.


I’m a pizzarian? No…sounds like an alien, or someone from some obscure Italian province. Um…I just think people who eat pizza, no matter how, are pizza-lovers.


Sans Chili Flakes: Heretic


Mine says I’m hungry and unable to care about your petty judgements about me based on my pizza eating style, that being said, are you going to finish that? I’m just asking, because I could probably eat the rest of that pizza for you if you’re full…


Blended: Postmodern genius


With Pineapple?


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2 slices, stack em sandwich style (toppings in, crust out). Chow down. Works especially well with 2 different style pizzas. Veggie + Sausage? I’m making my own supreme.


There are times when I’m not sure whether to be horrified or delighted with the modern Interwebz’ tracking. This just showed up in my YouTube recommendations (and, no, I wasn’t searching):


What if I start with the crust using my fork and knife?

What if it’s just an investigational bite?


Pizza goes in the cage, cage goes in the water. Shark’s in the water…


As a kid, I would pull off my pepperoni slices, eat the pizza, then eat the pepperoni… The only time that I used a fork was to defend my stack of pepperoni slices.

As an “adult”, I’m a folder (depending on the pizza and the cut).

As to knife and fork:


Why wouldn’t you use a knife and fork? Getting greasy food on your fingers is gross.


This makes zero sense. What kind of pizza, Chicago? New York? Full size? Individual? You’re going to have different ways of making this efficient in all of these cases.

I’d never fold Chicago, but it’s the only way to make New York’s floppy crust work.


Folding a slice of Chicago style would be damn funny. Is it even possible? Could you fit it in your mouth? We should find out, for science!


Of all the problems in the world, pizza style arguments always seem to be the most comicly violent :smile: