Kickstarting pizza wrapping paper


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The downside of this wrapping paper is that whatever’s underneath will almost inevitably be disappointing. Unless it’s pizza.


Waaaaaaait a minute. Archival quality acid-free wrapping paper? With a half-life is measured in hours? Is there any way - any way at all this could be more hipster?


Tis true, tis true indeed.




6" x 6" is only notionally a pizza box. That won’t even hold a slice.


awwww… I was hoping for paper that could successfully wrap left-over pizza without letting it dry out. Not even plastic-wrap works well (due to inevitable gaps because unless you’ve got an industrial-sized pallet-setup, you can’t cover more than one slice at a time).

Also, can I get it with half black-olives? Thanks.


You’re going to have to explain what this is.


As much as I’d hate to be perceived as being obscurely contrarian, I strongly disagree.

Pizza is so simple to make well, that people pretty much have to actively try to mess it up. Usually by trying to use the worst quality ingredients they assume they can get away with.


It means I want to be able to eat half a bag of Smart Food after the kids are in bed, instead of groaning “why did I eat so much”.


Success is yours.


As much as I’d hate to be perceived as being overtly pedantic, most pizza blows and not just due to ingredients (but you are right that it is a huge influencer).

I mean, look at any pizza ‘pie’ @OtherMichael advocates. It could have heirloom tomato sauce, vintage pepperoni, and artisnal crust, and it would still taste like a lasagne. But Michael and I do agree on one thing, I thought this was gonna be about paper for wrapping pizza, not faux pizza wrapping paper. Disappointed


Oh, noes! Anything but that…


That little 'za was redonculously tasty. But it seems all threads follow the same fundamental law…


Just use butcher paper and use some twine to wrap gifts. Boom. Done.

Or see if you can find some product boxes for products totally unrelated to what the gift is (ie: iPad box, put a book in it)


successfully codwinned


Um, why not just put this on Spoonflower? It’s free.


WHOA! thank you. this will go well with my redbubble store.