Pizza box unfolds into a weed pipe


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What? You’re already high. That is why you ordered the pizza! Good going, stoners, you’ve shattered causality!


Is there another one that converts into an easy bake oven for edibles? I’m not into smoking personally.


That’s not what unfolds means, right?



This is a weird idea. You need the Pizza AFTER smoking. But rolling the box before requires you to need a plate. What kind of stoner has a fucking PLATE???


The stoners I knew, it was kind of an endless cycle. Once you eat the pizza, time for another toke.


So open flame + plastic and cardboard + mind altering state = bad idea, IMO. Would be better if the box could be peeled into rolling papers…


Yep, what’s really needed is a bong that can be unfolded into a pizza.


Not plastic, ceramic. Gotta wonder what that does to their per-unit cost, but at least it’s fire-resistant.


In my day we had to cut down our pizza boxes ourselves to make weed pipes! The way kids today get everything handed to them is really harshing my mellow.


I suspect it’s a bit more expensive than plastic, but on the order of a dime instead of two cents or something. It doesn’t have any decorations, tight tolerances, or requirement of a smooth glaze, and it’s literally made of dirt.


I liked the boxes used by Hell Pizza in New Zealand; they fold up into little coffins for you to put the crusts into.


Yes, I concur. Weed always first and then comes the delicious pizza.


I went to the site to try to see a picture of said coffin, but once there, of course I had to click the “Satan” link in their main nav, which went to their charitable giving page. This led me to their involvement in “Toy Libraries” a concept I’d never heard of, but am now a little obsessed with…


I didn’t realize that BB had posted about their coffin boxes…!


This article from The Onion is several years old but still relevant:

Everyone Involved In Pizza’s Preparation, Delivery, Purchase Extremely High

AUSTIN, TX–Everyone involved in the preparation, delivery, purchase and consumption of a pizza from Tony’s New York-Style Pizzeria was thoroughly baked off his ass, it was reported Monday.


If you smoke enough you can time-travel back to before the pizza was delivered.



The little “pizza saver”

That was invented by Carmela Vitale.There’s a whole song about her inventing it.