Pizza reheatable in skillet, sources say




This is dangerous, unverifiable waffle, and I am disappointed that you, and the whole of BoingBoing have reached such a nadir that you are shilling for Big Skillet.


If one has access to an outdoor grill, that’s also a terrific way to re-heat slices.


Eat it cold, like god intended!


This is how I always reheat my pizza, it is a balancing act. The burner must be on low. You should put a lid on the pan if you have one, and you have to watch the bottom it can go from crispy and good to burned really quickly. A lot of times however, this can make the pizza better than when it was fresh.


Toaster oven. Pretty much the reason I buy those instead of toasters.


Yep, I’ll second the toaster oven recommendation.


The toaster oven is really the best of both worlds, and if you can’t do that, use a regular oven. The heat coming from all directions will melt and heat the cheese and the crust without overcooking as easily as the skillet will. Fries are also best reheated in the toaster oven, and when I was living the bachelor life I made lazy grilled cheese sandwiches in the toaster oven more often than I’d like to admit.




Yes, cold leftover pizza the morning after is half the joy of ordering pizza in the first place.


In a grill or heat can make the pizza and is very tasty


Some of us don’t think “crisp” and “pizza” belong in the same sentence. Neither does “floppy”, I agree, but if it’s actually crisp beyond the surface it’s either thin-crust cardboard or it’s overcooked or both.


I, too, reheat it right in the oven. Nice crispy crust on the bottom, nice melty cheese, still soft in the middle where it’s supposed to be - it’s not the same as fresh, but it’s still delicious, and certainly better than from the microwave.


Frying pan never gave me much joy.

I use the toaster over method, and I line the tray with foil that I then bend up over the crust end so it doesn’t get too crunchy.


If your microwave oven is also a convection oven, I can’t recommend that enough. My oven has a “fast bake” mode that puts on the convection oven (traditional circulating hot air) but also blasts the microwave for short bursts (perhaps 5 seconds on, 20 seconds off). This makes quick work of the pizza but also quality re-heating. The heat works it from the outside while the microwave gets in innards heating as well.


What is this leftover pizza, you all speak of?


There are those of us who frankly don’t want to start up the oven for just one slice and, because they are no longer living like a marginal man existence (that is to say married), no longer have, and in fact are forbidden from having, a toaster oven.

So in short, my name is Ashy Pete and I’m a skillet reheater. Though I sometimes use the cast iron dutch oven. And yes I frequently forget I put it in there and I eat it burnt like some kind of savage.


This is news? Of course you can reheat it on the skillet, you just need to keep the heat on low-medium, so you don’t scorch the bottom and leave the top still cold or room-temp depending on whether or not you were sober enough to shove the leftovers in the fridge.

Anyway, the skillet isn’t really the optimal way 'cause skillets are too small (only room for a slice or two). Just shove it in the oven at about 150C for maybe 10 minutes. Same effect (crispy crust, melted cheese) but you can do the whole thing at once and don’t have to worry about scorching it at the same time. As a bonus, you can grab a few slices out of the oven, turn the oven off, and close the door. The remaining slices stay quite warm for about 30 minutes, give or take.


Just wait till the patent holder shows up on your doorstep demanding payment for all of the slices reheated this way.


Lazy grilled cheese is my second reason for owning a toaster oven. And I am a 40 year old married woman.