The Crazy Russian Hacker tries out 8 kitchen gadgets

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Bring back the Popeil’s Pocket Fisherman.


I still like heating leftover pizza in a cast iron skillet. Put a lid on the pan when heating medium hot, just throw it in and slap the lid back on. 3-5 minutes later on medium mb a tad lower. Some googled tips suggest throwing in a few drops of water towards the end. ymmv

Those cantaloupe slicers are all dump fodder. 'They’ll be fishing em outta the harbor every 'alf hour…" or more likely floating in the plastic sargasso o’plastic garbage patches. ugh. A set of sharp knives will serve you better. =`M

(mb not these ; )

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What is this “leftover pizza” you speak of?


if he keeps cutting melons the way he does directly on granite and in his own hand…he’s going to be testing out medical supplies on the serious cutting injury he suffers.


But he’s wearing the safety glasses. Safety number one!


The knife on the granite thing bugs the hell out of me. There are people in my life who do that and they are not allowed to use my knives. Use a cutting board!

Cold pizza is already as good as it gets. No re-heating required.

Cold KFC too. I can’t eat it any more hot, just too greasy. Not sure if KFC or me changed. But I need to have the cardboard of box/bucket/barrel soak up some of the grease.

Pizza takes 5 minutes to reheat in an oven

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