Gun company stocks soar after Vegas massacre

I wonder if gun manufacturers’ stock would rise if a massacre happened at a gun show.


This is why the free market doesn’t exist. Speculation is one hell of a drug.


*** flagged NSA ***

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Pretty much with you on this. I own a couple rifles, but am extremely unhappy with the NRA constantly opposing even basic regulations an with their constantly increasing right-wing partisan politics. Like how they hate liberals and never stand up for black people’s right to own guns. I’m not a member of my local gun club because they require NRA membership.


This is something that I keep expecting to happen. Gun show or NRA convention. I figure it’s bound to happen sooner or later. (Not saying I want it to happen, mind you.)


The investor class expects to make their usual profits from fear and suffering.


The insurance company would have to pay out damages in the case of anyone getting injured or injured with your weapons, intentionally or otherwise. The shooter would still bear all criminal responsibility.

So if the insurance company decided the financial risk of letting you own a gun wasn’t worth the amount you were paying them in insurance premiums then no gun for you.

Not sure if this is the best solution but darned if I don’t like the poetic justice of letting “the market” be the force that keeps irresponsible people from owning dangerous firearms.


That’s how they are presented on the source financial websites. Do you expect bb to replot them to zero baseline?


That’s the reasoning. It’s not people buying guns because it’s now ok to shoot people. It’s people buying guns because the Liberals are going to prevent gun sales. Because the Liberals/Jews/Hollywood/Lizard people run the world, you see. They elected Trump to fix things, but the Liberals won’t let him cancel Obamacare and build a wall.


this is relevant, becase the NRA is an extremely effective lobbying group. David Cole’s book Engines of Liberty uses it (among others) as an example of how to effect change in our system.

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Nice of you; NSA employees may also want to consider how to handle their own investments in the gun industry.

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There, fixed that for you.

Imagine if, upon seeing a horrific story about somebody intentionally driving an SUV through a crowd of concertgoers, thousands of Americans’ first reaction was “I gotta buy me one of them SUVs!”

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I am afraid to look up the numbers on that. Seriously.

I heard there was a spike in sales of white Ford Brocos after the OJ thing but at least the car wasn’t the thing he actually killed people with.

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~le sigh~

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