Today's mass shootings

Surprised we don’t have a running list of the mass-shooting of the day yet. Since it is just about every day.

It is incredible that these things have become commonplace enough to not warrant much attention in the national news. What a fucked up timeline we are living in. :cry:


As in beefheads, sounds like. Macho beefheads, macho beefheads everywhere.


Thoughts and prayers.


Oh how I wish that rotten old kleptocrat would finally step aside.



They. are. fully. engaged. as. ever.


My parents go watch high school football for fun. The new rule is, no backpacks, no purses, and everything you carry in has to be in a transparent bag.


This topic will never close


This is a cheap shot. Pelosi has a 100% lifetime record on gun control from the Brady Campaign against gun violence, and has had a solid voting record on gun control legislation for decades (unlike, say, Sanders, who is a recent convert). Earlier this month she called for more pressure on Senate Republicans to pass gun control legislation that has passed the House under her leadership.

The NRA hates her even more than you do. There’s a lot Pelosi can be criticized for, but singling her out over gun control makes no sense.


Topics autoclose at 1000 posts. It’ll be a rapidly iterating topic we’ll have to keep making new ones for over and over.


The literal Neverending Fucking Story.

Man, I hate this timeline.


Some days it feels like we’ve managed to split the timeline off and we’re stuck in the worst possible universe. And some celestial quantum physicist in his lab is just looking at the simulation, and taps on the glass and is all “hm, that’s a weird one. I guess I’ll let it keep running another day.”


That’s pretty much my personal concept of ‘god’; a mad scientist who’s let his cosmic experiment run amok and now just sits back, observing.

That would explain so much…


Might as well post the obligatories before the Second Amendment “originalists” arrive to make excuses and wank over technical details.

No way to prevent this…”, cry America’s ammosexuals.

ATTN: Ammosexuals

Added to the obligatory links and cartoons, for those who’d like to wank over the technical minutiae of the weapons used rather than discuss the victims of the shooting, this warning from the moderator:

Some goes for the old “what if the shooter was mentally ill?" attempt to distract. Speculating about that is against the conduct rules here. We don’t yet know if he was or not. What we do know is that he had access to powerful weapons designed to kill and maim lots of people, and we know why that’s a more common situation in the U.S. than anywhere else.

Other BS distractions that have been discredited ad nauseum in endless other mass-shooting topics won’t fly here anymore:

  • "The real problem is “[video games|scary music|other moral panic]” – no, the percentage of people who play games or listen to music are roughly the same from country to country; the incidence of mass shootings, not so much.

  • “You’re politicising a tragedy by bringing up gun control” – it’s obvious why this one is bogus, but the ammosexuals love this one as much as they love indulging in the Nirvana Fallacy that nothing can be done because there’s no 100% effective solution. Gun control is a political issue that’s going to be discussed every time one of these incidents happens.

Finally, a new obligatory question for any gun fondlers here still thinking about commenting in this topic: is the fear of losing the supposed right to your beloved collection worth the price of yet more dead children who were engaging in activities that are supposed to be less risky then travelling in a car? How about the price of one dead child?


The Dem establishment really needs to bloody stop with that played-out garbage. It just needlessly and often falsely perpetuates their milquetoast accommodating image. “We stand alongside all who’ve been impacted…” etc. would be a stronger statement of support that places the Dems where they should be instead of apart from the victims.

Also, Pelosi needs some new hashtags. It’s a bad look for a senior Dem politician to appear to be pleading for others to “#EndGunViolence” and “#DoSomething”, especially since she has made some substantive moves herself on both counts. She needs to highlight her accomplishments and focus on aggressive and substantive next steps.

In regard to this tone-deaf and out-of-touch communication, the Dem establishment are often their own worst enemy (Biden is this problem incarnate).



The problem isn’t politicians who call for thoughts and prayers in response to mass shootings. The problem is politicians who don’t want to take any action BEYOND thoughts and prayers.


Not to be pedantic, but public topics autoclose at 10000 (PMs close at 1000)


Well, no useful action, anyway…

This guy sounds a lot like some of the folks we’ve had arguments with here in the past. No proposed action will work, it’s all a ruse to take away your guns, prayers and peans to non-sequitur topics that they also fall down on actually supporting are the real solution. Also more guns. Always more fucking guns.