A Mass Shooting that Didn't Make Headlines (in the media sources @TrollsOpinion reads)

Another school shooting this week For some reason this one did not find a place in the “24 hour news cycle”.


You’re kidding, right?

It was everywhere.


Are you from the North West? I found that there was a distinct lack of reporting on this.

I’m in New England, barely pay attention to the media, and I knew of it.


I am indeed, but it was front page news on the Guardian, Telegraph and BBC, too. I don’t follow US media beyond the local stuff though, so I guess CNN et al might not have reported it. Doubt it, though.


Oh, there are articles on the subject, I don’t deny this. Hell, I posted a link to CNN.

now, can I get you to admit that the coverage was sparse compared to other school shootings?

I’m not a representative sample. Just an anecdote. Not disagreeing, but I can’t admit that, as I am no authority,.

No, you can’t, because I can’t say it was from what I’ve seen (but as you’ve noted, coverage from 30 miles away might not be that representative). Where are you going with this, anyway?

Conspiracy theory about Initiative 591, 594?



Nor am I. But I would think that a gun-control oriented site like BB would be champing at the bit to serve up a story like this.

I just wonder way this one gets delegated to page 2( if not be all but totally ignored ).

I have no doubt that this made the local news. Your perspective is not indicative of what the rest of the country saw, which was next to nothing.

Just wonder why this particular story got buried, nationally.

I know nothing about Initiatives 591, 594.

Same here…
This is the one that I haven’t seen much of:
Man shoots kid 9 times for laughing

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i heard a story about this on “all things considered” the day it happened. it might not have gotten the same level of coverage as newtown but the overall casualty list was also smaller. we were talking about it at my school that day as well. i live in texas.


You would think that, I agree, but I suspect it’s your expectations, and not someone elses intent, which is at the root of that.

I just wonder way this one gets delegated to page 2( if not be all but totally ignored ).

Where is this page 2?

Just wonder why this particular story got buried, nationally.

Oh, well that’s something else. First, you not seeing coverage is not == it got buried. Buried is what happens to a story let out at 4:50 on a Friday, and there is someone doing that, actively. Who is burying this story, in your opinion?

Plus, the storyline “boy kills brother, friends” isn’t as grabby as “stranger danger”.

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You mean Africa & Asia? Yeah the mass shooting there don’t often make headlines, not around here anyway.


Might I suggest you diversify your news diet with moar progressive sources?

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While I think it was covered, I have noticed a trend of less outrage and an increasingly more laissez-faire attitude towards each successive incident, instead of increased outrage.

the austrailians became more and more outraged until they finally took the steps necessary to all but eliminate the issue.

whereas in america is seems people are more beaten down in regards to affecting change and just accept it as something that is going to happen…an inevitable part of life. it could be because the solution that has been implemented successfully in country after country is one that a good portion of america denies and is willing to even discuss or bring to the table, it could also be because the political system is so broken people have given up trying. i dunno, that is my take on it, but what do i know?


‘Actually, it’s about Ethics in Gun Journalism’.


The Onion pretty much nailed it a couple of mass shootings ago.


I think the media see reporting, then moving on as a way to try not to encourage future shooters. Seems reasonable.