Multiple fatalities reported after Texas high school shooting



Hey it’s been awhile since the last mass shooting maybe we can start talking about… oh wait. Too soon again.



And now, this:

With students still being screened on the lawn of the high school, with eight of their peers and/or teachers deceased, at least one Trump supporter decided this was the time to put on his MAGA hat, grab his American flag, strap his open-carry pistol to his hip and head on down to the high school.

Is this going to become a thing now?


Honestly, if it helped defuse some of the batshit crazy “crisis actors” nonsense that’s still going on in right-wing social media I’d be in favor of it.

But that’s probably too much to hope for :frowning:



Probably. What do you bet that the other shooting this morning will eventually overshadow this one, which had actual fatalities of students?



Almost 20 years of this shit since Columbine.

More than 20 school shootings in 2018 alone.

We’ve been through this so many goddamn times that we can all probably recite how the rest of this thread goes by memory. Someone is going to say it’s well past time to enact meaningful gun regulations like every other country, someone else is going to respond it’s not fair to “punish” the law-abiding majority of gun owners for the actions of a few, still others including myself will pick that argument apart piece by piece, and on and on it goes. We should probably just write an automated script to take care of it.


I think the mass shootings are the automated script.

Someone give the Matrix a shove…I think we are in an algorithmic loop.


My 3rd grader has to do lock-down and active shooter drills at school because of how often this shit happens. As he’s becoming more cognizant of the world around him, these drills are beginning to cause him some emotional trauma.

America, this is not OK.

[edit] Obligatory:


Quick, we need help getting water!
“No, I think it’s a little early to talk about getting water”
What?! this house will be burned to the ground in moments!
“Well, it’s probably faulty wiring. We need better laws to address bad wiring!”
But we can stop this right now if you just help with the water!"
“Sigh… but then the couch will get wet. I can’t sit on a soggy couch!”
But the whole entire house is in flames right now!!
“Yeah, houses are flammable. They burn.”

etc etc etc


Fuck these assholes.


Don’t worry, Trump is on the case.


I guess it could be worse, he might have said “early reports are looking good!”


first thing I thought…“Early reports not looking good”??? Explain to me in what scenario of the headline “SCHOOL SHOOTING” is the report EVER GOOD?! Even if no one was injured…THERE WAS STILL A FUCKING GOD DAMN SHOOTING IN A SCHOOL!!!


It’s like the bystander outside a raging building fire flippantly shouting, “oh, well that’s not good!!”


In 2000 through 2017, there were an average of two deaths in five or six school shootings through this point in each year. Without Marjory Stoneman Douglas and Santa Fe, the totals in 2018 would be four deaths in 14 incidents.

Oh, is that all?

In fact, there were 36 fatalities in school shootings in total through May 18 of each year from 2000 to 2017 — seven fewer than there have been in 2018 alone.

Looking forward to the resident gun nuts coming in to explain how 43 kids dying at school from gunshots is just The Price We Have To Pay For Freedom, and why America is so uniquely free and awesome and also somehow terrible that it’s impossible to compare it to the literally dozens of other countries where this never fucking happens.


The period between Columbine and 9/11 gave a nice preview of security theater to youth of a certain age :frowning_face:


I stand in awe of Donald Trump. His words are a balm to soothe the aching hearts of the bereaved, his tweets a tonic to stiffen the spines of all those who might despair. If only Cheatin’ Obama, Crooked Hillary, and their army of cyborg climate scientists hadn’t robbed him of his super speed, he could have zoomed down to Texas and captured the shooter himself! Soon, Ronny Jackson will restore his powers, and then Super T will save us all from ourselves.


I think I got a sarcasm poisoning from reading that. There’s a bitter taste in my mouth and everything looks dark and gloomy…