Multiple fatalities reported after Texas high school shooting


I’m feeling something similar, but I don’t blame sarcasm.

Sarcasm a form to deal with that bitter taste, to share it in a way, diluting it to a level humans can deal with it.

I am glad they are just sarcastic.
Cynicism is close at hand right now.
So is defeatism.

But no fucking way I am giving up on calling out arseholes for their bullshit.

One must imagine Sisyphos happy.


Sorry… it’s been a bad week.


As always, Scientology sees any tragedy as a business opportunity. Their “Citizens Commission on Human Rights” (CCHR) front group:


And as always, the NRA is complicit in fostering the environments that lead to these shootings.

(Get a load of that last headline, too.)



I recommend this design


Kids go to school expecting to be murdered.


Laws that cars must be parked with the parking brake on, in park or low gear, wheels turned to a safe position, are just a front for the car-grabbers. And legal responsibility for leaving a car running, unlocked, with the keys in the ignition shows insensitivity to car theft victims. /s


no. no. regulating guns at all - just as the second amendment says should be done - is exactly the same as the government coming to your door and forcibly taking all your guns away.

banana = pear. because all bananas are slippery slopes.

and anyway just because regulating guns and gun ownership has worked in every other country in world doesn’t mean it will work here. americans are just born blood thirsty. statistically speaking of course.

no responsible gun owner is responsible here. nor is the nra. it must be culture. we’re all just helpless bloodthirsty pawns of culture.

also. don’t touch my guns.



Here we go again.


IF they’re white.

(I guess she ran out of Twitter space.)


What? How many fucking shootings were there?


Wow what a surprise, it reminds me of that South Park episode: “We did nothing and nothing changed”. Vote these shitheads out of office.


Apparently around 150/day, on average.


At least one more.


Oh god! I hadn’t heard about the one at Mount Zion! Seems like it wasn’t at the school, but near it.

@ChuckV, I was talking about the attempted shooting at a Trump golf course in Florida. The only one to die was the shooter, though.



I wish I could tell you from my heart that you shouldn’t jump to conclusions, that in dubio pro reo also applies concerning motives of a identified murderer.

Access is the key, and from my POV, this will not go away in the US during our lifetime.


This is true. What is also true is that there is a type when it comes to school shooters, and it is not the one that the “moar gunz” folk say it is. It is not mentally ill, targeted loners, it is resentful, entitled brats. Mental health checks and other “acceptable” forms of control do nothing to limit their access to high-powered firearms.

Problem is, our society has too many entitled brats to make simple and easy access to guns a good idea in any fashion.