NH GOP lawmakers mocked gun violence survivors by wearing clutchable pearl necklaces to gun control hearing


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How much do you want to bet the New Hampshire state legislature works in a building with metal detectors and security guards?


Many republicans do not qualify as human.


Mardi Gras beads? It’s about the right season.



I’m always baffled by news like this. On one hand, it’s because of the callousness and sneering malice involved; on the other, it’s because I’m having a hard time coming up a better way of making yourself look like a colossal, ugly tool.


Here’s what it would look like if cars were regulated like guns:
Requires passing a federal background check if bought from a dealer (or anybody if in some states)
Can’t buy a car for someone else and have them pay you back
Can’t be under indictment for a felony, doesn’t matter what kind
Can’t buy a car if you use drugs even if the drug is legal in your state
Can’t buy a car if you’ve been dishonorably discharged from the armed forces
Can’t buy a car if you’ve got any kind of restraining order against you
Can’t buy a car if you’ve been convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence charge
If you’ve ever been charged with the above crime regardless of whether the charge was dropped or not, a dealer can refuse to sell you the car
If the dealer doesn’t like how you look, he can refuse to sell you the car
Can’t buy a car from a different state without having it transferred to a local dealer
Can’t buy a car online except by having it transferred to a local dealer
Can’t buy a car if you’re an “undocumented immigrant”
Can’t buy a car if you’ve been committed in a mental institution even voluntarily
Can only drive your car on private property; in public you have to have special training and a specific license to do so
Can’t drive your car to or through certain states (Maryland, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, etc.)
Can’t drive your car to federally owned facilities (Post Office, National Park visitor centers, etc.)
In some states you can’t lend your car to anyone, not even friends or family
In some states, you can’t fill your car’s gas tank up all the way and your car is mechanically restricted from going over a certain speed
Can’t put on a muffler on your car without paying a $200 tax stamp, going through additional background checks, waiting six months to a year, and then being unable to cross state lines without permission from the DMV


How is it possible that there are still people in this country who don’t or won’t realize the Republican party has been taken over by a radical extremist element that doesn’t give a damn about humans, or decency, or humanity, or anything but maintenance of their power?



So you hate cars then…



I think requiring insurance makes the most sense. A bolt action hunting rifle or simple shotgun could be very inexpensive while weapons designed for concealment or warfare would cost much more.


Ah, the ugly, smug face of evil. These people would have trivially supported the rise of Nazism in Europe, methinks.

The good news is, the Democrats kicked ass in the ‘18 election, and very likely will again, more so, in ‘20. I doubt Trump will even be capable of running at that point, frankly.


Whatever way you slice it, these guys look like assholes.


After watching this as a child, pearl necklaces and rosaries have always made me nervous:


I, for one, applaud these people for coming out of the closet with such a very obvious show of support for transgender folks. A clear statement that it’s OK for men to want to be pretty, and pretty they are! Accessorizing is a fundamental right!

Wait, that’s not what they were trying to communicate? IT IS NOW.


“News flash, people. That’s not how they got those pearl necklaces.”
Congressional Pages


My two new favorite words: “musketfuckers” and “ammosexuals”.


As I was reading through your list, there were a few points I found kind of funny.

Wait a minute – this is exactly how a fucking drivers license works.

Just about every single car sold in the past couple decades has an electronic speed limiter generally based on the parameters of the factory spec tires. That’s not a bad thing. And in any event, if you go beyond posted speed limits regardless of potential vehicle speed, you risk a ticket or jail.

Oh, here comes the one and only pro-gun person that’s Concerned about the rights of undocumented immigrants. :clap:

Dealerships can and do discriminate against buyers. They aren’t obligated to sell to anybody.

Hey, did you know that under the 10th Amendment that basically every one of the things you stated could be possible since there’s no Constitutionally or federally mandated Right to Drive? Yes, it’s true.

Nice tries with your false equivalences, though.


There’s also the notable difference that guns are specifically destructive devices, most of which are purchased with at least a hypothetical intent to kill a person. Cars are meant for transportation.

I see no issue regulating killing machines more than getting-places machines, or should it be legal to buy a tank these days?