Fox Business News host Kennedy doesn't think trucks are controlled


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Kennedy? From the MTV Beach House Kennedy?


Right. how would we ever be able to stop a vehicle (deliberately or out of control) from going into a crowd of people.


Honestly not really.

It’s true that cars kill about the same number of Americans as guns every year, but that’s because cars are EVERYWHERE. Even an avid hunter is likely to spend more time behind the wheel of a car than behind the trigger of a gun. An urban commuter might encounter tens of thousands of people actively using their cars EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The last time that many people gathered on American soil to all use guns at the same time was the Battle of Gettysburg.


Who is this half-wit and why are we worrying about what she babbles?


Because she has an audience of millions of half-wits and babblers.


Last I checked trucks weren’t literally designed to kill people.


(sigh) Yes…


If you’da told me in 1994 that in 23 years Kennedy was going to be a reactionary conservative political pundit on a business network, I would’a thought this country was going to be too strange to imagine.


I think we should accept their argument, and all that comes along with it. If Guns are equal to Trucks, then Guns need to be registered - every single one, Guns must have comprehensive insurance because, you know, accidents, Yearly inspections, and operators must have training, learners permits, renewals, suspensions, revocations. Sounds like a good start. Lets get on it.


pffft…logic? What is this??


What a maroon!


If I only had a brain.


She was always a fucking moron.


And to the extent they can kill people it’s considered a bug not a feature.

If it was possible to build trucks that had all the functionality of current models but were incapable of causing bodily harm the design wouldn’t just be lauded, it would probably be legally mandated.


She always worked the whole “edgy female rock-n-roll conservative” angle for her personal brand differentiation, but she eventually aged out of her 20s, some other attractive young brunette with glasses (whatshername Cupp, IIRC) stole her brand lock-stock-and-barrel in the oughts, and here she is.


And in Nevada specifically, gun deaths have outpaced vehicle deaths for years.


You also don’t see guns pulling up in front of your house and delivering some junk you don’t need wonderful goodies from the Boing Boing Store.


She just goes where the paycheck takes her.


I know “freedom of movement” is covered in the Bill of Rights, but nowhere does it say what kind of movement, they didn’t even specify “right to own a horse” or anything.