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Plz someone to make a .gif of Don Qixote throwing a .gif at a windmill for Mindy. I lack the necessary skills for gifception.


Fine. However, I will note that almost out of the gate, the thread became about academics and what useless people we are. That happened long before I commented.


4 posts were split to a new topic: Ire towards academia

Kudos to the community on the flagging effort over in that Fyre $100MM lawsuit thread.


Just in case you reconsider the last sentence at any point: a somewhat befriended blogger from Switzerland uses a quick grepl for trollish posts, removing all vowels, but maintaining thread continuity. Often, a simple moderating remark announcing the prospect is enough. Sometimes, a whole exchange turns to Vogon poetry over night.

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It’s been done and abandoned.


Wait, you’ve been here since 2013 and didn’t know we did disemvoweling?

I simultaneously feel both very old and very sad at how quickly the modern world lets events be consumed by the Digital Nothing.

And @codinghorror how the hell did you find that link faster than I?!


I searched for

@codinghorror disemvowelling

and it was an early hit.

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and here, after all this time, i thought the lack of small mammals was due to disemvoling.

geez, that makes me feel quite squirrely.


Is stnnngcnt cnnngstnt an acceptable username? I am not requesting a change, just asking for a friend.

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We got rid of that in the 200x’s

Like I said. I FEEL OLD.


I’m still waiting for the feature where I can reach through my screen, through the a-hole’s screen at the other side and choke the living shit out of them, then leave with no trace.


My apologies. I have very selective memory, apparently. Also, brain rot as well as low activity during quite some time due to a twitter addiction. Which I replaced with bb bbs, again. And definitely have focus issues. Oh, look, a squirrel again.


Sorry, that feature was restricted to TL3 and higher.


Oh, ye gods and little green fishes, YES! In a previous job, a co-worker once name-checked an '80s band, then told me, “you might not know them, they’re really old.

To which I could only reply, “Yes, [Name], I have heard of them. They were popular when I was in high school.

And now for the bonus round: that conversation was probably 8 or 10 years ago…


Cutest thing I’ve heard in 2017 was a very pretty, and stylishly dressed at no small expense Millennial tell me how punk rock her punk rock bowling team is.

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I remember the 1st time talking to an adult and realizing I could be their parent if I’d gotten sloppy as a young man. Now I’m dreading the approach of “could be their grandpa”.


I was at a coworker’s retirement lunch when the speaker mentioned the year the retiree started.

“I wasn’t even born then!” said one of my tablemates. Another nodded in agreement.

The fourth person at the table and I just stared at them until they clued in.

(OTOH, they are two of the smartest people I have ever worked with, and I am surrounded by scientists).


happens to the best of us… gramps :smiley: