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That took shockingly longer than I expected.


Despite Gestalt thinking they were fooling everyone, I (and I’m sure you and others) figured out they were acting in bad faith and trying to probe the community, moderation, and platform for weaknesses within five or so comments. However, we are not the moderators, who have to extend a certain amount of benefit of the doubt to new users like this (along with some rope to hang themselves).

The site is continually improving in regard to combatting tr0lls. From what I can see, the relatively new TL4 Leaders made the difference here. Keep in mind that it took years for the above-mentioned white supremacist tr0ll Max_Blancke to get perma-banned, and several months for the bigoted ethnostate fan JimJim to get banned. This AynCap chump was banned after a little over four weeks.



.🌈 Unicorn Chasers 🌈 (Part 1)

This topic is temporarily closed for at least 4 hours due to a large number of community flags.

I gather it’s an automatic lock after x amount of flags, but given that it’s Unicorn Chasers, someone just has to be driving trollies. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


If the topic closed due to a large number of flags is “Unicorn Chasers”, of all things, somebody’s doing it wrong. :thinking:


User QuackMaximum has been asked not to return after being under the mistaken belief that we’d be ok with people namecalling our members, then deciding to go right back to it after being informed otherwise.

Our apologies for just not being that sort of place.




A few community topics have been closed or removed in the last few days.

While we’re happy to host discussions that fall within our community guidelines (including criticisms, of which you will find many meta topics), that does not include discussions that move from “discussion” or “debate” to disparaging or insulting any current or former Boing Boing Authors or contributors.



No. Thank you for all the work and crap you have to deal with to keep this place sane.


Y’know, the recent influx of… shall we say, problematic actors rather indicates that someone is futilely attempting to change that.

Just sayin’.


Thank you. Those topics were pretty toxic from the get-go.


You mean the ones whose “just joking” comments and expessions of “concern” in those same topics got flagged and then deleted by the moderator, sometimes locking the topics in the process? Nah, we’re a bunch of dummies who’d never catch such subtle behaviour by geniuses like that.


is praise ok? this is the first community i’ve never disagreed with the mods.

i’ve gotten mad in the same way someone getting a justified speeding ticket briefly feels bad, but i have never felt unfairly treated or felt a need to self censor, and i’d just like to say i appreciate that.

there are reddit communities where i get the “no censorship half”, but when we send people who are passionate about free speech to reddit… we’re not sending our best people :wink:


Yep, right along with all the “new” members ‘just asking questions’ about the site, how it works, its authors, the forum members, etc; all while posting off topic and generally contentless commentary.

It almost looks like someone is probing the system, testing for weakness, and intentionally trying to sow discord and distrust amongst the community we have here…


we could also just becoming popular?

sadly i think the “assume good faith” part of the rules will inevitably lead to ppl who show up and get in a few shots before the banhammer. but we will adapt, embrace, and extinguish.

edit: also, are the new members really new?

I must admit I recycle my nyms every once in a while, but not for nefarious reasons, I just want to be authentic but others do it for less noble reasons


It’s more the times, what with the resurgence of right-wing populism and Russian and Chinese tr0ll farms and such. This being an election year, it’s going to be particularly bad. But racists and AynCaps and Xtianists have been polluting Internet forums since the days of Usenet.

Narrator: they were not new.


That ship sailed long ago; at one point, BB was listed as one of the most popular/best sites on the internet.


User Lamia has been asked not to return.

Nearly every post made here was at odds with the community in some way, almost exclusively in community topics, and almost exclusively by searching for older posts, finding some edge case to comment on, then derailing those posts as a result.

I had asked them privately to either ensure their comments were on-topic for the post itself, or to start a new topic if necessary, but as has been a recurring theme with several past members here, from their actions, they were clearly more interested in derailment and the attention inflammatory statements would make, than in actually having productive discourse.

To be clear: we will protect your choice to have an opinion that differs from a perceived consensus here. But when literally every post you make is the dissenting opinion, and the vast majority of your posts are necroposts in a topic to re-ignite old issues, that’s no longer about being a productive member of a community.


As always, thanks for your hard work. It is much appreciated! The BBS is a great place in part because of what you do.



Again, thank you for doing a job that is often thankless.