Generate artistic, animated, color QR codes that scan

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Totoro <3

I wish I understood how these things work. Newfangled contraption, I guess.


The basics, I get. Try to explain error correction, though, and I lose the plot.


Yeah, that’s where it turns into magic for me, too. QR codes I get on the most basic level. This, I look at it and wonder how the hell it actually manages to work.


glad someone finally cracked how to make QR codes more garish, animated gifs!

Hey, you got your pointless animated gif in my ugly seldom used qr code!
Hey, you got your ugly seldom used qr code in my pointless animated gif!


Generate artistic, animated, color robot barf.

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Okay…for animation to work, the QR code would need to be on a computer. WHY would you put a QR code on a COMPUTER?

Generate artistic, animated, color QR codes that scan no-one will use, just like every QR code.



QR codes make as much sense on digital signage as they do on static. Whether this means they are useful or useless in both is up the the viewer.

Who likes QR codes?

I can’t scan the QR code because I am viewing it on the only device I own capable of scanning QR codes.

And I deleted the app last week.

Because we’re pals, I’ll save you the anxiety and wonder and put what’s linked behind a spoiler tag:

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