Generic Brand Video




Generic Brand Video! I found your father and/or grandfather and/or preferrably cherished male guardian figure!

The "Your Name Here" Story.


We are Veridian Dynamics.


My admiration for this video is unsurpassed.


same voice? I can't find the credits.


That would be Sam Elliott. Has an awesome voice.


When are they going to outlaw advertising?


This video was 100% unsurprising things I already knew... Why am I now feeling significantly more depressed?


Oh I miss that show so much! I wonder if anyone has put their ads up on YouTube...


Um... I get the strong impression this a commercial for ED medication. I mean, all the "why don't we have more..." lines? Sleeping in separate beds? Wagons Ho! The tall smoke stacks? The shot of what's obviously a concrete plant?


Reminds me of this generic website:


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