Gentlemen get so stoned on top of England's highest mountain they can't walk and need rescue team


Genius :exclamation: :+1:


Alive: When The Munchies Go Too Far


Different hill (and it is a hill, a mountain has to be at least 610 metres 2000 feet high in the UK, twice as high as quoted in the film)

Edit: there is a more recent case where it did happen in reality


The Englishmen Who Went Up a Hill But Were too High to Come Down a Mountain.


The summit is close to 1km above sea level.


Oh too funny– I remember hearing that title but never saw it or knew what it was about. Thanks!


While neither confirming nor denying - yes.


How much search and rescue is 100% the person’s fault though? How many SAR situations happen because someone decided to wander a bit too far off the trail? The only case I can figure out that wouldn’t fit this is if, say, someone has a heart attack while on the trail in, and with the amount of time needed for something to be recognized as needing search and rescue that’s more of a search-and-retrieve-body situation.


Quite a few cases are people being caught out by the weather or getting lost in low cloud. The top of Scafell Pike is a boulder field, so leg injuries are also a potential no fault call out.


Of course one can debate which situations are 100% or 90% or what ever.

Getting drunk or stoned on purpose and not being able to handle your high/drink is 100% your fault.


Or at least pass that shit on down, man.


Agreed, I’m just skeptical of trying to assign fault because of all the not-horribly-obvious cases :+1:


Of course there’s the most famous case of an Englishman tripping balls on top of a mountain:

Despite what anyone tells you, weed is a psychedelic, and therefore the same rules apply: check your set and setting before use, especially if you’re ingesting edibles.


Just with regards to semantics here, any call for rescue from a wilderness area (mine included, when I had both GPS and UTM coordinates immediately available,) are considered Search and Rescue operations.

As for the situation you propose, if you’re able to call for help in ideal weather conditions and with an available helicopter, a medical condition rescue like that could have an EMT on site in only a couple hours. Once I was on a mountain in Arizona and a fellow hiker experienced a heart condition, the helicopter was on site in less than 30 minutes.



Do I want to? Yes.

Is it advisable? No.


I suppose if you thought you were smoking some weak strain and your dispensary/dealer accidentally gave you some crazy sticky shit you couldn’t handle it might not be your fault.

I had friends climb a similarly sized mountain, get high on top while watching the sunset, then realize “yikes, the sun is setting and we dont have a flashlight!!” so they were booking down the mountain as the light was fading, eventually following one guy holding a Zippo over his head for the last couple miles to the car.


You’ll wanna make sure your partner has a strong stomach.



Scotland has all the really impressive mountains in the UK see:
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